Casual Sunday morning ABC bias


This morning I was watching ABC News 24 (because know thy enemy) and was slightly amused by a report on the appearance by Hillary Clinton and her running mate in the US Presidential election, Tim Kaine, at a Democrats Party rally in Miami, Florida. The presenter spoke with upward inflections at the ends of her phrases and had happy eyes – if they were all you could see, you would still be able to tell she was smiling.

They crossed to a reporter in Miami who appeared equally as chuffed, while perhaps hiding it a little better. She parroted Hillary Clinton’s line about the Vice Presidential hopeful being “everything that Donald Trump is not.” The reporter commented that Kaine is not as showy as the Republican Presidential nominee, and suggested that this is a good thing. When listing the whiney-voiced Kaine’s policy positions – in favour of amnesty for illegal immigrants, multiculturalism and alphabet soup rights (never mind that “minority” groups and gays are flocking to Trump) – she spoke as though talking about a friend.

There was no sense of controversy. When comparing how moderate they both were compared to the boogie man Trump, there was no mention of the Clinton email scandal, the Clinton Foundation scandal, Benghazi.

Overall, the report was enthusiastic. What we were told may well have been factually true, but it certainly failed the eyebrow test. There was certainly no attempt to hide what one might call an unconscious bias.

With this in mind, we here at The XYZ would like to present our own attempt at balancing out the story, somewhat.

Image altered by Ryan Fletcher.
Image altered by Ryan Fletcher.