Our Leaders Fiddle While the West Burns


With clockwork precision, yet another terrorist attack, and yet more hollow gestures of ‘solidarity’ and ‘condolences’ from world leaders.

This is the second catastrophic terrorist attack in less than a year, in soon to be civil war torn France, today, on its national Bastille Day.e835b20f2ff1003ecd0b470de7444e90fe76e6d311b417409df2c2_640_bombing

No doubt we’ll see more tokens of fake compassion and make-believe solidarity, the obligatory candle light vigils, the damp eye speeches, and the lighting up of buildings in the red white and blue of France. Heartfelt gestures in lieu of any real action, let alone naming the enemy.

So long as our leaders present the right posture of concern, and the populace follow suit with their social media filters and hash-tagging, our leaders can continue to fiddle while the West burns.


Photo by AlexanderStein (Pixabay)