Social Media Social Engineering


If Facebook’s ‘rainbow’ filter wasn’t enough, YouTube is the latest social media giant to use its considerable reach and influence as a bully-pulpit to push the alphabet-soup dogma on us.

It is astounding how rapidly big government and big business have filled the vacuum once held by the church, in instructing the community on deemed moral and sexual mores, no matter how petty.

Even more ridiculous than YouTube’s frankly creepy sex and gender propaganda video, is the way that sugary food and drinks have become the latest moral frontier. If taxing cigarettes and alcohol into oblivion wasn’t enough, they’re now coming for your can of Coke. Yes, there really are people out there who want to dictate to you what you can and can’t eat, while reserving the right to eat their specially-flown-in-from-France cheese, and other fattening and sugary hipstery delicacies.

While the crusade against sugary drinks has been waged for some time in the United States, (the sanctimonious film ‘Supersize Me’ unfortunately comes to mind), those in the land Down Under have now had the misfortune of this great moral challenge being foisted upon us, in this year’s Federal Election campaign.

The Australian Greens, in their beneficence and wisdom, want to legalize mind altering drugs, but as for the diabolical moral scourge of obesity – well, that needs to brought under control by slapping a 20 percent tax on soft drinks!