Minor parties on Australian right must unite



By Lucas Rosas

Any patriot with a conscience must vote for a minor party this election.

In my last article I mentioned the chilling, matter of fact quote from last year by Mark Textor regarding the traditional Liberal party base:

“The qualitative evidence is they don’t matter,” Mr Textor said. “The sum of a more centrist approach outweighs any alleged marginal loss of so-called base voters.”

It’s clear the Turnbull campaign does not care about patriotic Australians. It does not care about any right-of-centre Australians. In fact, they probably care very little for this country at all.

And they especially don’t care about your vote.


Because for at least thirty years the Liberal-National coalition has drifted inexorably to the left, abandoning social conservatives on cultural issues even as it betrayed libertarians and classical liberals alike by increasing the size and scope of government in every parliament.

And those who actually care about this country, those who love it, those to the economic or social right of the political spectrum continued to vote for them like turkeys voting for Christmas.

We continued to vote for these pampered weak fools who get make the speeches, get elected and then continue to guide our nation into the abyss the left has steered us towards while they enjoy flights, helicopter rides, private cars and all the perks they can shovel into their greedy, mercenary mouths.

We trusted these traitors in light blue to protect our nation from the death spiral the ideological fanatics of the left had set course for.

And they sold us out.

Our nation will likely never see a budget surplus again.

Our schools are indoctrination factories, the teachers unions the last reliable ALP foot soldiers outside the construction industry, filling children’s minds with absurdities on sex, gender, marriage, nation and society now almost compulsory to believe.

Our Academics now openly call for the death of our nation and the overthrow of our constitution almost without rebuke. The journalists produced from their cookie-cutter campuses spout leftist orthodoxies without any pretence of thought.

Every generation is being brainwashed into being further to the left than the last, from the first day of kindergarten to the last day of graduate school, and is being done so with our tax dollars.

Meanwhile our supposed conservatives in government boast about how much extra funding they will send to these manufactories of leftist conformity. No reform on performance standards for teachers as grade inflation drives the educational outcomes of students lower and lower, just more of your money without any significant oversight, for the people teaching your kids to hate their country, their culture, their gender, themselves and you.

And the parties you voted for to protect your family from these ideologues instead celebrate them while the “conservative” Prime Minister invites extremist Muslim preachers over for dinner.

More and more Australians are turning away from the major parties. In the Senate at the 2013 poll, one third of voters chose to vote outside the red-blue-red game and only eight percent of those voted for the Watermelon Greens. There are far more angry patriots than that.

The extremist left realised, after the Hawk-Keating years and the fall of the Soviet Union, that if they were ever going to push their perverted, monstrous, nation-destroying agenda they needed a semi-mainstream party outside the ALP to drive the opportunistic leeches that populate that wreck of an institution further towards our destruction.

The right on the other hand has not been as clever.

When One Nation came on the scene in the late 90s the Liberal party did far more even than the privileged street thugs of the far left to beat back the threat to their beloved perks.

It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or atheist, church-going social conservative or freedom-loving libertarian, if the right puts aside our differences and comes together around our own version of the Greens, not only is progress possible, the current trajectory towards social and economic disintegration might even be halted.

As it stands now, those civilisation-hating reprobates in the Australian Greens contain all stripes of the far-left factions, from adolescent anarchists, to deep green misanthropic enviro-fanatics, to a Senator who spent most of her political life as a devout Stalinist.

The idea that the much larger percentage of the population who like smaller government, traditional values, sensible immigration policies, and less taxation, rather than more taxation, can’t find a common platform, is ridiculous.

Our country is at stake.

It’s our duty as Australians, as patriots, as taxpayers and as citizens to drive the major parties to the right as the Watermelons have driven them to the left.

The only way to do that is to threaten to rip their overfed snouts from the trough.

After the election I would urge everyone to unite behind whoever does the best, but for now it’s enough to leave you with a plea for sanity.

You can put the Liberals above the ALP if you like, and certainly put them above the Greens, but for your nation’s sake, put everyone else above them.

Because unless something changes nothing will change, and the miracle our ancestors sweat and bled to create here on the bottom of the world will slip into the mediocrity we will richly deserve.

Lucas is a former soldier and current hedonist reclining supine beside a pool in a tropical paradise with a cocktail as the sun sets on Western civilisation. He likes hats.

Photo by Johnny Jet