Renaissance of Western Culture


I have been fairly pessimistic about the state of Western culture for some time, and I know I haven’t been alone.

A few days ago I lamented that throughout the West, and in my own country Australia, “Children are taught from the earliest age at school and through the media that their lives and prosperity are built on the proceeds of crime. Our education system instills a culture of guilt and shame for the sins of our fathers; where achievements of Western Culture are either ignored, dismissed or amount to nothing more than exploitation, and where the colour of one’s skin is said to make one automatically and irredeemable835b20f2ff5013ecd0b470de7444e90fe76e6d31fb6164492f1c2_640_st-peters-basillicay racist.”

We have been denied access our own culture and heritage, not by foreign conquerors, but by our fellow countrymen who are waging a cultural and political campaign against us for the last six decades leaving us vulnerable to internal collapse through the destruction of non-government institutions and to foreign colonisation.

In these last several decades there is nothing that has been left untouched by this political campaign, whether it is education, the media, marriage and the family or religion and the arts. But this could all be about to change.

Over the last few years, an international (and largely grass-roots) movement has arisen in Europe, North America and Australia, which rejects the cultural Marxist narrative of guilt and relativism. This movement (of which the XYZ proudly sees itself a part) celebrates democratic and economic liberty while rejecting state coercion. It re-asserts the value of having pride in one’s nation and culture, and demands that the voice of everyday people be heard, not just those with vested political and ideological interests.

Western culture stands unparalleled throughout the world and the history of man as the most scientifically, socially and economic advanced culture. The West has brought democracy and freedom to the world, and still remains in many places the sole guard against tyranny and slavery.

In fact, it is only Western countries that have actually gone to war over traditionally accepted practices including slavery. It is only in the West that battles have been won limiting the powers of those who wield it, and affirming the intrinsic rights of all people. While the West has made mistakes, it is a testimony to our culture that we are able to admit these faults and atone for our mistakes, and to actively learn and grow as a civilisation. We should constantly remind ourselves (and our children) that there is much to celebrate and be proud of as an heir of Western Culture.

The United Kingdom’s Brexit may well stand as a pivotal moment of political change, and a decisive victory paving the way for revitalisation throughout Western civilisation.