Remain campaigners don’t respect majority decision

A fine example of the Remain campaign's commitment to intellectual rigour.
A fine example of the Remain campaign’s commitment to intellectual rigour.

What have we learnt from BREXIT in the last 24 hours?

So far, one thing stands out loud and clear. The Remain campaigners, the “progressive” left, care not for democracy or the decision of the majority.

A petition has been circulating stating that the vote should have been more than 60% to leave, and more than 75% of the population to be voting, to be valid – neither of which happened. I put this question to those crying about the results and pushing for a second referendum:

If you wanted to stay and didn’t vote, then why are you complaining about the result?

When the ALP took over the helm from the Howard government in 2007, there wasn’t a big outcry and push to hold a second election from the Liberal/right supporters. We accepted the choice of the majority and endured it. Yet when the Abbott government was elected, there was a huge backlash from the left. I look at their actions and think, “You are spoiled, immature, entitled brats.” Life doesn’t always go the way you want. You have to live, learn, and work with what you’ve got.

Should Australia have a referendum to leave the Commonwealth, and the outcome was that Australia would become a republic; I would be disheartened that our history had been severed further, and we would be more like “little America,” at the expense of our British heritage. However, I wouldn’t be tearing up the streets and the internet demanding a re-vote. The majority have decided, I don’t agree, however that’s the way it is, and maybe I would move to the UK and become a citizen to hold onto those values, if they are that important to me.

Remain voters, if you’re so unhappy about the decision, you could relocate to Brussels. I’m sure they would happily take you as part of their refugee program. You would however, be displaced to Turkey when they join, but that’s what you wanted.

If you truly support personal liberties, free speech, freedom of choice, etc., accept the outcome of a democratic vote and move on with your lives. Do something great for mankind, instead of sitting on your phone crying about how bad the world is, because you didn’t get your way.

Photo by Howdy, I’m H. Michael Karshis