Greens Running Scared


Some of our readers have observed, as have we at the XYZ, that election advertisements for the Australian Greens have appeared on our website.

Now, let me be perfectly clear: we don’t choose the particular products or services advertised on our site, as they are generated by Google,  nor do we offer our endorsement to them – whether they are for the Greens or dating websites spruiking ‘hot Asian babes’.

Regardless, these Greens ads have given us a good chuckle, and seemed to us to be a once-off quirk for our site. However, in addition to the XYZ, the team have also seen Greens ads plastered over other sites such as, whose readers, just like those of the XYZ, are generally despised and slandered by the Greens as ‘racist’, ‘bigoted’, ‘homo-xeno-islamaphobes.’


This advertising campaign on political sites would be considerably expensive and shows just how desperate the Greens are in this election, it also gives some idea of the Greens’ almost bottomless pit of funds – no doubt from political donations which they are quick to complain about when they go to political parties other than their own. While the Greens preach their watermelon utopia, it is clear by their actions that they are really capitalists at heart.

Which makes me wonder whether their PR manager is perhaps a ‘double agent’ and is doing their best to undermine the Greens’ campaign?

Let us know if you’ve found some amusing or unlikely political advertisements around the web, and send us a screenshot on Facebook, or in the comments section.

Whatever the Greens marketing strategy is, it is clear that they are running scared and going to desperate lengths by advertising deep in the heart of ‘enemy territory’ for the 2016 election campaign.