Food for thought – Leave Goodsey alone… LEAVE HIM ALONE!

Oh BOO-HOO you big sook. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Oh BOO-HOO you big sook. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Just when I thought the perpetually offended supporters of Adam Goodes had stopped their menstruating over how oppressed this wealthy footballer / former Australian-of-the-year (who moonlighted as a bully to a 14 year-old white girl who called him an “ape”) is this happens.

Facebook has removed a “racist” meme featuring Adam Goodes alongside Harambe, the gorilla that was shot dead earlier this week by zoo staff after a boy fell into his enclosure.

WOW, what an infantile tosser!

Call me a bigoted a**hole all you want with respect to my characterisation of this two-time Brownlow Medallist, but if he’s going to act like Tom Cruise when being called a “homosexual cultist” he deserves to be made out as the PC clown he is.

Adam Goodes if you have an issue, I’m sure David Morrison has a tissue.

Food for thought.