Death-preaching sheikh sought by Islamic community


Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar, the Islamic teacher who called for the killing of homosexuals as the ‘compassionate’ thing to do skulked out of Australia overnight.

Three years ago, the eminent sheikh had made comments at the University of Michigan outlining that the Islamic penalty for homosexuality is death. Of course, such comments are to be expected and widely known to be part of Islamic sharia law that no one bothered to blink an eyelid until fifty people were slaughtered, and another fifty maimed by Islamic terrorist, Omar Mateen at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Of course, politicians have express their outrage and have naively asked: “How could such a preacher of hate be given a visa to enter the country?”

Immediately in the wake of the Orlando mass shooting, and after hearing of the Muslim leader’s presence in the country, Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull ordered an urgent review of the sheikh’s visa, proclaiming that Australia had, “Zero tolerance for people who come into Australia to preach hatred.”

Really Prime Minister? What of the Islamic communities in Australia who invited the sheikh into our nation? The very same communities that promoted the sheikh’s ‘teaching tour’, and who no doubt share many of the same hateful and death revering views.

On the one hand, we are told time and time again how terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, that radicals are but a small minority of the population, yet such hate preachers are sponsored and proliferated within Islamic communities in the West.

Research carried out by Pew International and others tell us what we already know: that hateful and violent opinions are not just held by a small minority of extremists, but by substantial minorities, if not the majorities of Muslim populations. It just so happens (thankfully) that only a small minority are willing to act upon them. But don’t think for a minute that these hateful and violent views are not held by large swathes of Islamic communities.

Even the small minority of Muslims who are willing to carry out violent attacks are so numerous, and more than our law enforcement agencies are able to cope with. We have been told that the police simply cannot keep tabs on all potential terrorists. Is this not cause for serious concern?

Although Orlando killer Omar Mateen and Sydney terrorist Man Monis were known by police, authorities were unable to prevent them from carrying out their attacks. And in both cases, people were killed as a consequence. Many other aspiring terrorists are known to law enforcement, but also, many are not. And here we are blindingly confronted with the truth:

Extreme Islamic views are so pervasive, and potential plotters of terrorism are so numerous that intelligence and law enforcement precautions are breaking down. We are not facing just a few bad egg radicals, but a systemic problem throughout the Islamic community.

Our law enforcement agencies are unable to cope with this present situation, and more disturbingly, our political leaders are unwilling to face and name these alarming facts. These facts are that death preachers like Farrokh Sekaleshfar and their teachings are not at the fringes of Islamic communities, but are found and sought out from within the core of them.