The Last Thing We Need Is A New Cold War


Tensions between the United States and Russia have been escalating now for several years.

Russia’s renewed confidence and expansionism under the leadership of Vladimir Putin has seen Russia annex Crimea, and push its way into the Middle East conflict, effectively gobbling Syria as a client state in the process. Such ‘assertive’ moves by Russia were unthinkable following the end of the Cold War, until Barack Obama took the reigns (or failed to sufficiently) as president of the United States.

Yesterday saw tensions between the United States and Russia reach new heights with a bellicose fly over of an American destroyer by Russian jets in the Baltic Sea. As the video below shows, Russian jets came within metres of the U.S. destroyer, leaving little room for error.

Such is the kind of behavior we would expect from young and stupid men (trust me, I’ve been there) tying to show off how hot their car is in front of chicks and other drivers.

The West and its culture is already in an alarming state and is under significant threat, from both internal and external sources. The last thing we need at the present time, particularly with increasing Islamic militancy and ambition is a new cold war, and heaven forbid, actual conflict between Russia and the United States. To go there would be to foolishly revisit the mistakes of the previous world wars. Have we not learned anything?

Photo by Better Than Bacon