Dreams from Myself


6417810263_d7f681001c_barack-obamaToday, President Barack Obama delivered his seventh and final State of the Union address before Congress in Washington DC.

Mr Obama used his final address to recount his biggest achievements in office, inviting the audience to read any of his three autobiographies for a deeper understanding of his brilliance.

Offering his best mesmerizing stare, POTUS BO (no, not a rare blood disease) casually noted how in just seven years he has been able to introduce safe and affordable healthcare, sail through the global financial crisis, reduce racial and religious tensions, find a cure for cancer and land the first man on the moon (all pending the update of history books). Other achievements noted by the President included combating fake climate change and maintaining the United States economic and military supremacy (also pending the update of history books).

Utilizing his rhetorical skill (fully worthy of an ancient Greek theatre) the President turned and announced without even smirking that he believed a thriving private sector was “the lifeblood of our economy” but outdated regulations and red tape needed to be cut. However it was his deadpan quip that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam that received the most laughter and applause.

Perhaps most amazing of all, was that as well as outlining his achievements, BO also found time to lament that politics and division had prevented him from achieving even more for the nation. In a moving and tearful show of emotion (which was not even a little bit targeted at Republicans who have spoken out against Islam), the President said that “bonds of trust” between citizens needed to be strengthened so that his beatific vision for “hope” and “change” could be finally realised.

Photo by lednichenkoolga