Bill Whittle on the moon


Following on from several videos and stories we have shared here at The XYZ, regarding the burgeoning private space exploration industry and the possibility of life on other planets, here is another remarkable video from Bill Whittle, on his Afterburner segment on PJTV. He discusses how the moon has played a vital role in protecting the earth from potentially life-eradicating asteroid strikes. The scars on its face were indeed meant for us.

NASA has left us a great, inspiring legacy, but has since fallen behind, now trapped in an endless labyrinth of bureaucracy, safety checks and “outreach.” From here it will be up to private companies such as Space X, XCOR, Blue Origin, Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries to build the technology and infrastructure to make humans multi-planetary. Hopefully, one or several of these companies will be instrumental in setting up permanent human colonies on the moon.

Until then, we can always rely on the inspiration of brilliant speakers such as Bill Whittle, to remind us of what possibilities lie open to us.

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