The Dangers of Workplace Violence – Quote of the Day


A day after the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, President Barack Obama has come out with this rather thoughtful and cautious statement:

‘It could be terrorist or workplace-related.’

Such caution and thoughtfulness has never been observed by the president, especially when speaking out against shootings and attacks mete out by those from a background other than Islamic.

2288919381_551d0ed1a9_Barak-ObamaStill, the president offers to us a wise word of warning regarding occupational health and safety. Workplaces are potentially violent, so be careful! Be alert, because someone you know could be stockpiling weapons and planning an attack. And a crappy Kris Kringle present could be just the thing that sets them over the edge.

President Obama, thank you for providing us with XYZ’s quote of the day for Friday 4 December, 2015.

It’s the XYZ.

Photo by blvesboy