The (Lack of) Intelligence of Pseudo-Intellectuals


When I first heard the purported link between terrorism and climate change, I assumed it was a joke. But now I see it is being treated as social-scientific fact. How did people, many of them regarded as leaders and intellectuals become so stupid?

I’m not sure if Bill Nye “the science guy” completely believes the garbage which is flowing from his mouth is this clip. He states:

“It is very reasonable that the recent trouble in Paris is a result of climate change.”

So the recent terrorist attack AKA “trouble” is the result of climate change? If you aren’t entirely convinced, Nye assures us there is currently a water shortage in Syria, which is of course caused by climate change, and as we know, water shortages (and climate change) naturally lead to terrorism.

Perhaps Bill Nye “the science guy” should familiarise himself with the scientific problem solving principle, know as Occam’s razor before he completely discredits himself.

This assertion that climate change is the cause of terrorism is truly a case in point in revealing how intellectually untenable and morally bankrupt the West’s so called progressive and self appointed intelligentsia have become. Of course, people like Bill Nye and President Obama know the motivations of terrorists better than the terrorists do themselves, even when the terrorists broadcast them to the whole world and shout it as they fire into crowds of infidels with their AK-47s.

Of course, terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, even when the terrorists tell us that’s exactly what it is about. It’s really just climate change, or Islamophobia, or some other imagined cause. It has absolutely nothing to do with Mohammed or Islamic texts that call for the world to be brought under submission. And so long as the imagined reasons prevent us from facing the true underlying cause of terrorism, all is good for President Obama and his enlightened progressives.

Truly, our progressive betters are so clever. They know what is in the hearts of terrorists, and they know what motivates them, more than the terrorists do themselves. And so convinced are they of their righteousness they will swear that night is day, and evil is good, even as their head is in the process of being separated from their body.


Photo by eschipul