The story of Adam and Edwin


117658952_d559a7a200_ThreesomePinks Fuhrer Adam Bent is set to reveal that his family will be extended by the inclusion of a 46 year old spouse. The Bents will further enhance their progressive credentials if, as leaked to the XYZ, their polyamorous living arrangement is confirmed.

In yet another trivial revelation, it is revealed that although Edwin (the new spouse) is a 46 year old man, biologically he was born in 2009 as an anatomical female.

Social justice warriors have heaped praise on Edwin who is rumored to be in line for Australian of the Year. Adam and Edwin have led from the front in confronting issues of sexual identity, age identity and polyamory.

The bigoted and conservative police have been advised to not act upon their intolerance in the event that the relationship be consummated.

Edwin is understood to be seeking employment as a truck driver.

Photo by Liam Quinn Photo by hodgers