Cronulla – ten years on



group-beach-bbqsmallSo the tenth anniversary of the Cronulla riots occurs today, and the ABC, with the willing cooperation of our ‘race commissioner’, is falling over itself to remind us how we racist we Australians are. So racist, we need a ‘race commissioner’ (a guy called Tim Soutphommasane) who gets paid a large annual salary (courtesy of the taxpayer of course) to find each and every instance of ‘racism’ in Australian society no matter how trivial or laughable, so long as the supposed victims are not people of white Anglo-Saxon descent or adherents to Christianity. This pretty much means Muslims are the victims of racism any time they say so, and the rest of us are bigoted bogans all the time.

What happened at Cronulla ten years ago can be pretty easily explained and understood on historical and cultural grounds. It was in the wake of the Bali bombings, wherein 88, mostly young, Australians were killed by an Islamist terrorist attack on a popular nightclub, including many members of a local Cronulla rugby team. It occurred also around the time several young Muslim men of Lebanese descent were arrested for an appalling series of gang rapes on young and vulnerable white women. That’s the historical background, the cultural stuff is pretty straightforward. A group of young Aussie men got together on the beach for a ‘barbie’ (local slang = a barbecue) and got pissed, got angry, and the rest you know. This is not to excuse or endorse what happened. They behaved like boneheads and received the condemnation of the nation accordingly.

But here’s the thing about Cronulla. Yes, there were some ugly scenes, and yes, it was not the most attractive or best expression of contemporary Australia. And yes, some innocent men of Middle Eastern appearance who just happened to be passing by were threatened with violence and chased through the streets by a chanting mob. It must have been frightening, and would have affected those guys for a long time. But how many people were killed? Who lost their head – literally? The answer is, of course, none. No one was executed in a coffee shop, or shot in the back of the head whilst leaving their workplace. No bomb was detonated, and no one beheaded by an Allah invoking fanatic. The death toll of the Cronulla riots, the one expression of intolerance by young Australian men of white Anglo-Saxon background that has occurred in living memory, is nil, nada, zip.

Nothing the ABC can do, (and the other black arm band wearers who will do all they possibly can to smear and denounce their own countrymen and nation,) can change the fact that Islamic terrorists have killed many Australians, both on home soil and overseas. The Cronulla drunks of ten years ago killed no one. It’s pretty easy for any sane person with an IQ above that of raw meat to see where the real threat to the social cohesion of our nation and the Australian way of life resides. We don’t need the highly paid ‘race commissioner’ to tell us that. In fact, ten years on from Cronulla, we don’t need him at all.

Source: There are echoes of the Cronulla riots on our streets today