RN Report on Trans Fats – Honestly, who writes this crap?


Yesterday, on ABC Radio National’s “Background Briefing,” a report by Rachel Carbonell (we’re pretty sure they don’t get the irony) investigated why trans fats, “the worst of the food fats,” are banned and tightly controlled in much of the Western world, but not Australia.

The very earnest report dissected the claim that trans fats do not need regulation in Australia – the argument is made that because Australians already consume less than half the recommended minimum level of trans fat, regulation is unnecessary. However, the report points out that levels of trans fat consumption may be significantly higher among the disadvantaged in the Australian community, such as residents in remote communities, (yes, trans fats are racist,) and in institutions such as aged care facilities and prisons which rely on catering companies for providing food.

In a highly unusual move, The XYZ actually has no intention whatsoever in providing a link to the report, which exploits natural human concern for the less fortunate in order to advocate the expansion of the authoritarian reach of the socialist nanny state. Instead, here is a link to a change.org petition to defund the ABC.

And for your entertainment, here is a hamster falling off his hamster wheel.