Stop Progress: Support the Coalition of Obsolete Industries!


5984497788_8582949db4_night-cartWhatever happened to the proud professions of chimney sweeping, horseshoeing, and that man who’d come and empty that putrid can at the back of your house that would act as your toilet?

We no longer need to send children up chimneys to potential die, and I regard that as an improvement.

These professions are obsolete and no longer exist, mainly because we have found better, more efficient, and safer ways to do many of the jobs which were medial, dangerous or downright boring.

We are all wealthier and better off in just about every measurable way because of this. That is why I am reluctant for taxpayer funds to subsidise inefficient or redundant industries. But this is what the New South Wales government wants to do for the state’s taxi industry in the wake of Uber’s entry into the market.

Of course, this is a silly move by NSW Government. Such a step will only support an expensive and substandard taxi industry,distorting the market and stymying innovation and the emergence of better products and jobs.

But surely, if we want fairness and consistency, shouldn’t all obsolete and redundant industries (not just the taxi industry) receive that same kind of special treatment?

Check out the short clip below from the Coalition of Obsolete Industries and let us know what you think!

Photo by LSE Library