Plankton Apocalypse


As you can see - Plankton are menacing creatures.Well that’s settled it for me. This climate change caper is serious stuff and life as we know it is pretty much over. I’m not talking about the Paris talk-fest with its hangers-on, its polar bear suit searing lobbyists and cross dressing activists. I’m talking about plankton off the coast of Tasmania. And I’m saying to you, stock up big on bottled, canned food and batteries, just like you did at the millennium, because the Dark Ages are just around the corner.

Don’t believe me. Then check out the warning of this hitherto unknown scientists, no doubt all juiced up on some taxpayer funded grant, and tell me you are not scared now! Throwing in words like primeval soup, creation, toxic, not to mention the biggie “climate change,” the good Professor is very worried about the state of the world’s algae, and so should you. Said he:

“Now, as humans we keep track of, for example, if tiger populations, if elephant populations are decreasing. Are we doing that with plankton?”

Well are we? Plankton may well be at the bottom of the food chain, but the world’s bottom feeders will not take extinction lightly. Now, how does one get an unemployed Greenpeace activist into a plankton suit?


Researcher says plankton vital to climate change

Photo by Picturepest