Food for thought – LaRouche accepts the Democratic nomination

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Yesterday Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley were forced to bow out as candidates for the Presidency, after the trio were found involved in sexual relations together (which the majority of Americans voted was totally gross). This dramatic turn of events rocked the Democrats, as they struggled to think of a quality candidate to replace them.

It was announced this morning that the 93 year old serial Democratic contender, Lyndon LaRouche, would accept his Party’s nomination for president of the United States.

Mr LaRouche has informed the XYZ that he plans to tackle the “Venetian-Dutch-British system” head on by nationalising the banks, oil, water, gas and raw materials. He has stated he will build particle beam weapons and lasers to destroy narco-crops and banking institutions laundering its monetary proceeds.

He further stated he’ll use these particle beam weapons to assassinate leading “oligarchy” figures like Queen Elizabeth and Henry Kissinger (who apparently are seeking to spread AIDS and the bubonic plague).

Frankly I can’t wait to see Mr. LaRouche go head to head with Donald Trump in a debate.

Food for thought.