ABC Finally Names and Shames Terrorists


In the sheltered workshop that is the ABC, an Islamic extremist is not motivated by Islam, even if shouting “Allahu Ahkbar” as he hacks off another head or sprays gunfire into a crowd of theatre-goers. These are disenfranchised and socially excluded youths, tipped over the edge by the racist system that pays them welfare and provides free housing, forced into extreme violence in desperation. Just ask the Grand Mufti – but bring your own Arabic-English translator if you do, the Mufti no speaketh the English, even after several years in the land down under, such is his great commitment to integration.3734714a294d1a9c_640_terrorist-attack

In ABC land Muslims are the peace loving victims of Islamophobia, so a terrorist must be found elsewhere. Enter one eccentric retired dentist, who the 7.30 Report found to be an extremist of some description, and an unidentified number of “sovereign citizens” who are hinted at being a high risk terror organisation motivated by right wing ideology. The only examples the ABC can actually name are in Memphis, Tennessee, but never mind, these unidentified “sovereign citizens” and, we expect, the eccentric retired dentist, are right up there with the Raqqa head hackers when it comes to extremist threats to Australia – according to the ABC.

“Delusional” hardly does it. “Desperate” come close. “Dangerous” seems apt. But plain old contemptible misuse of taxpayers money (again) describes it best. It’s their ABC.

Sovereign citizens: Terrorism assessment warns of rising threat from anti-government extremists