Great dance moves in Australian political history (volume 2)


Bill Shorten’s Kiribati jive last week has clearly set impossibly high standards for Australian politicians when it comes to breaking out a dance move. Few could have lit up the Pacific Island dance floor like Bill, whose dance floor routine was every bit as lifeless and excruciating as one of his speeches.

Yet, clearly, the Liberals are threatened by the uber cool Bill, whose minders and media people must have been passed out at the cocktail bar as he appeared, complete with floral tiara, on the supposedly sinking island’s dance floor to bust a move.

Not to be outdone by Boogie Bill, and in attempt to recapture the daggy dad demographic, the Liberals have now re-released this rolled gold dance routine by former Treasurer, and the greatest Prime Minister we never had, Peter Costello.

Whilst neither would win a dance off – Costello is at least funny, witty, and makes a telling point, bringing both a smile and a nod from the average punter, in a way Bill can only dream of.