Fight to Survive or Die Trying


The New South Wales Police force in Australia has dumped its “contain and negotiate” approach to terrorism, a policy which has been in place for two decades, said Acting Police Commissioner, Nick Kaldas.

The new model which will shoot terrorists “on sight” is based upon training introduced by the FBI only a few weeks ago.

The acting commissioner told 2UE radio in Sydney that the new tactic was a response to the change in the nature of terrorism.

“We’re at a point now where the ground has shifted, things have changed and starting with Mumbai onwards there’s been any number of attacks where you have a mobile ene20937996876_5b5b8403a6_resist-terroristmy force, which moves through places and kills people,” he said.

“We would be mad to continue to say we will do nothing but contain and negotiate.”

However, “there may be cases where the police will need to move forward, rather than simply try and contain a place and try and negotiate with people who can certainly, as can be seen in France, will not negotiate,” he said.

As we have seen in recent events such as Friday’s Paris attacks, there is no negotiating with Islamic terrorists whose intention of often commit suicide or die in their attack.

Following in the teaching and tradition of Mohammed, death resulting from fighting for the cause of Islamic submission, is believed by Islamists, to be the most sure ticket to ‘paradise’.

Given this reality, for civilians and ordinary people caught up in terrorist attacks, there is no point surrendering to terrorists in the hope that lives may be mercifully spared. The evidence is clear that this is simply not going to happen.

Perhaps the most viable option for survival is to fight. We saw this earlier this year when several brave, unarmed men risked their lives and took down an assault rifle wielding terrorist on a French train.

There is no negotiating with Islamism. It seeks our complete submission or death. Our most viable option in a terrorist attack is to fight to survive, or die trying.

Photo by nordique