12108750_1011091828912449_6618171503193004405_nBill Shorten gets it. The ABC gets it. The Greens get it. Why do you not get it?

When a kid is raised within the paradigm of a value system in an insular community, then one day goes to a place of worship, then dresses in a religous garment, and then directly proceeds to target and shoots a member of the police in cold blooded murder… what is the message that we should send out?

For the would be leader of Australia: “My thoughts are with the family that made this happen.”

For the National Broadcaster: Lets retweet this important message. Implicitly, we support the family that made this happen.

Its a sick twisted perversion. I feel betrayed by a family and community which breeds such contempt. I feel betrayed by leaders who are so spineless as to make victims out of the perpetrators of systemic violence against the rest of the community who do not share their values. I feel contempt for the ABC, knowing what it once was and what it has become.

Once upon a time, they, along with those who they nurture and support and are thinking about in this moment of tragedy, would be flirting with treason.

Get this message out there: ‪#‎ABCdoesNotSpeakForMe‬ ‪#‎ShortenSupportsJihad‬ ‪#‎ABCsupportsJihad‬