Shocking development in Hungary as sovereign country decides to control its own border


In a further sign that the nation of Hungary is on the right track and fully dedicated to that rare commodity in European politics – common sense – the nation and its leaders have now been chastised by both the European Union and the UnitRefugees cross into Hungary underneath the Hungary–Serbia border fence, 25 August 2015ed Nations for their strong stance on protecting the borders of their own country and having the unheard of audacity to actually control who does, and who does not, enter their own territory.

In a stunning outbreak of sanity, Hungarian leader Victor Oban made the following statement.

“I am speaking about God. I am speaking about culture and the everyday principles of life, such as sexual habits, freedom of expression, equality between men and women and all those kind of values which I call Christianity. If we let the Muslims into the continent to compete with us, they will outnumber us. It’s mathematics. And we don’t like it.”

We don’t like it! The magyars are magnificent. And sane. If the Germans want to stand and applaud their own invasion by young Muslim men who have crossed several borders en route to Deutschland and still claim, with a straight face and sense of entitlement, to be “refugees,” then that is for the Germans. The Hungarians, though, are not stupid, and certainly not stupid enough to be dictated to the UN and EU.

Source: European Union rebukes Hungary as refugee crisis tensions escalate