Rules of Engagement


What is unfolding across continental Europe is distressing and tragic in equal measure. What is unfolding among social media users and the left leaning media is self loathing stupidity and denial of the highest order.

These are the three main rules of engagement for the typical, perpetually outraged western activist, as observed via social media and the comments pages and news blogs.

1. Why do anything practical, such as toss in some of your own coin, when you can express your sense of outrage on Twitter in 140 characters? You can even create a hashtag and hold a hand written sign to show you really, really care. Your friends and followers will be impressed too. That it doesn’t do a thing for the desperate people sleeping rough in Budapest is not your fault – after all, it’s all about you, isn’t it?

2. Scream, shout and jump up and down demanding that every country must do more to accept the displaced – every country in Europe that is – say nothing about the oil rich Sultanates standing on the sidelines looking the other way, and overlook the inconvenient fact that Turkey is a relatively prosperous, Muslim nation, that shares a geographical border with the place from whence most of the overwhelmingly Muslim migrants have come.

3. Don’t mention ISIS or the Assad regime, and definitely not the ‘I’ word (which would make you a racist). Notwithstanding ‘chemical Assad’ and the murderous fanatics of ISIS, it’s always, I repeat always, the fault of the ‘the West.