Explain the European Migrant Crisis to me like I’m five


Some scientists believe that if you cannot explain something to a small child, you don’t fully understand it. Doing so requires you to break an issue down to its moral core and explain step by step. Not an easy task. Especially when the recipient is trying to eat dirt.. Here is an attempt to explain the European Migrant Crisis:

Everyone wants a home, but there aren’t enough nice homes for everybody.

imageSome people want others to build them a house or even hurt others to take other people’s houses from them.

This is a BIG problem, especially because many people in small houses want to move to places with big houses where they think other people will pay for them so they get things for free.

Trying to look after people like that isn’t good for them, and hurts everybody- sometimes in little ways, sometimes in big frightening ways.

We want to help people live peacefully in their countries so they can build themselves houses and proudly work to look after their families.

There will be some bigger houses and some smaller houses, but at least we all have the opportunity to live in our own house & help people because we love them, not because we are afraid of them.