Turnbull to unveil new ministry


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is set to announce his fresh new ministry this afternoon.

It is expected that the new cabinet will have more women, and in early leaked news, Defense Minister Kevin Andrews has been the first to receive the boot inimage the ministry re-shuffle. There has been some speculation that Christopher Pyne will take on the defence role, which could end up being rather entertaining.

Of course, Malcolm Turnbull still has his work cut out to heal the rift in the Liberal Party, as tensions remain with ousting of Tony Abbott. Corby Bernardi is said to be still considering his options about a potential conservative split.

Who would you like/not like to see in the new Turnbull Government ministry?

And do you believe that more women should be promoted to cabinet as a matter of course, or should ministerial roles be appointed purely on the basis track record and merit?

Tell us what you think!

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