United States asks Australian Air Force to ‘reach for the sky’ over Islamic State in Syria


The United States Government has formally requested that Australia send in six of its FA/18 Super Hornets to begin bombing raids in Syria. The Royal Australian Air Force war planes are currently based in Dubai and haven’t been involved in bombing ISIS targets in Iraq.

As the Australian Government considers the United State’s request, Prime Minister Tony Abbott stated: “While there is a little difference between th1024px-F-18's_are_refueled_in_Afghanistane legalities of airstrikes on either side of the border, there’s no difference in the morality.”

Australian forces have been stationed in the Middle East and engaged in the war to ‘degrade and destroy’ ISIS for the last 12 months or so.

There are around 400 Australian servicemen and women deployed, and Australian forces have been involved in taking out some of ISIS’s most significant targets.

I want to thank the Australians serving in this conflict – you are indeed standing up against the spread of evil and in defence of the innocent. Keep up the great work.

As a token of encouragement, I commend to you this appropriately bombastic and jingoistic song by 1980s styled ‘hair’ band Firehouse:

‘Reach for the sky
Or I will shoot you down in the blink of an eye
Reach for the sky
There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Reach for the sky
I got the drop on you so raise them high
Reach for the sky’

It’s the XYZ.