Clem-Nazi: Our favourite feminist hypocrite


Our favourite femi-nazi Clem Ford shows her softer side. These two endearing tweets manage to combine a racist taunt with a foul torrent of personal abuse:

11898643_1626273477624249_2975555602723505426_nIn both cases this abuse is directed at other women. Two women who happen to hold conservative┬ápolitical views. If she were a man, directing this at two women, Clem would have been shown the door pronto, and would be scouring Seek for alternative employment as we speak – but who are we to raise the ‘gender’ issue?

In any case, Clem’s argument is something to behold, is it not? No room for rational argument or a reasoned counter narrative here. Just vile abuse. How intellectually bankrupt. How pathetic. Come back to the party Clem, when you can put a sentence together long enough to contain something that resembles an actual argument.