The Slovakian stance and the coming Caliphate of Europa


imageAs far as European holidays go, Slovakia is not often on the list of ‘must see’ destinations. The much neglected ‘other half’ of what was once Czechoslovakia, as an independent nation in its own right Slovakia has a rather inglorious history, being a client state of Nazi Germany during the Second World War. These days, one might call into the capital Bratislava on a Danube river boat cruise, but many will choose to stay on the boat. Bratislava has little to compare to the splendors of Prague and Budapest, and few stand out or ‘must see’ attractions. For backpackers, scenes from the movies ‘Hostel’ and ‘Eurotrip’ will inevitably be in mind as they skirt around the border of Slovakia, bound for the Czech Republic, Hungary or Austria.

Although derided, and gleefully depicted in film, as a culturally and economically impoverished backwater, somewhere in the middle of Europe, Slovakia may in fact, turn out to be one of the smartest countries in Europe. In the light of the refugee crisis gripping most of continental Europe, with some 260,000, predominately Muslim, asylum seekers filling camps in Turkey and Greece, and more making the perilous journey across the Mediterranean Sea on a daily basis, Slovakia has announced that it is prepared to assist with re-settlement, but on one condition. Said Interior Ministry spokesman Ivan Metik:

“Slovakia… will only accept Christian migrants when it takes in Syrian refugees under an EU relocation plan… as Muslim migrants would not integrate as easily into Slovakia’s predominantly Christian population… We could take 800 Muslims, but we don’t have any mosques in Slovakia, so how can Muslims be integrated if they are not going to like it here?”

One can only marvel at this dose of plain, old fashioned common sense. Either Mr Metik is blissfully ignorant of the thought police and the army of professional offence takers lining up to shout him down as racist and Islamaphobic, or he’s one of those thick skinned individuals who just doesn’t give a stuff. The actions of Slovakia, and the common sense approach of Mr Metik, represent a rare, and somewhat courageous, intervention in the migration debate, that may, hopefully, represent a shift in the immigration debate and a fork in the road for others to follow. For too long now, assorted human rights lawyers, activists, and campaigners have owned and controlled the immigration narrative, striking down rational sounding solutions – like the novel idea that a sovereign nation should decide who can and who cannot cross its international borders – as violations of international law, and as examples of wealthy western nations not doing their bit for the poor and displaced in the world, and as manifestations of colonial era hangovers. In Australia, we know all about this. The current federal government have successfully closed the nation’s borders to boatloads of asylum seekers, most of whom have curiously lost their passports and other documentation (anything that would reveal their actual identity in fact), and many of whom are fleeing civil wars in places like Sri Lanka, for instance, wherein the civil war actually ended some years ago. Even though the harsh policies introduced by the government have actually worked, and the flow of asylum seekers, together with the hundreds of deaths at sea, have in fact ceased, political activists like the Greens, egged on by the left wing media, and assorted groupings of unemployed types who prefer to protest rather than work and contribute to society, continue to vilify the government and the nation as racist, backward, lacking in compassion, and needlessly cruel, and are ever keen to insist theses life saving policies are in violation of some international convention or law devised by suits in Geneva or New York, who would apparently prefer people drown at sea so as to provide opportunities for human rights activists to demonstrate their compassion and concern.

The reality is, no doubt, there are many desperate people in the world, fleeing real conflicts, such as that in Syria. A further reality, routinely denied, is that many people seeking asylum in places like Australia, Canada, and Europe, are simply looking for a better life. In short, they are economic migrants. The patent fiction of pretending otherwise was delightfully exposed in the Australian context by one representative boat load of prospective refugees from southern India, whose boat was returned to its port of origin in that nation. Tracked down by the state owned broadcaster, the ABC, no doubt at great time and expense, and in the fervent hope the failed ‘refugees’ would accuse the authorities of hard-heartedness, if not abuse, and plead their case to be genuine, the boat people instead freely admitted to being economic migrants who had destroyed their travel documents at the request of the people smugglers whom they had paid to take them across the Indian Ocean.

imageSlovakia shows the way when it comes to fact over fiction, and pragmatism over perceptions. Casting an eye west, to places such as France, Belgium, Sweden, and England, wherein uncontrolled Islamic migration has resulted in whole suburbs and cities being colonised, and in which the vast majority of immigrants have not, or simply do not, integrate, and live on welfare as a drain on the nation not a net contributor to it, and reproduce at rates several times higher than that of the indigenous population, the Slovaks have considered replicating the same social disaster in their own fair nation and said,”Thanks, but no thanks!” Not for them, the future Islamic Republic of Slovakia. As Mr Metik helpfully pointed out, Slovakia does not even have a mosque, how could Muslims be happy there? It probably has lots of pork on the shelves of its supermarkets, and bikini wearing women, and many other un-Islamic characteristics too. Mr. Metik is just being helpful, and at the same time adroitly avoiding the suicidal foolhardiness of other European nations, who have solved the problem of not having a mosque by building one at their own expense, helpfully printed welfare applications in Arabic, and congratulated themselves on their humane social policies whilst they are, quite literally, bred out of existence. Although he didn’t say it, one gets the distinct impression that Mr Metik was implying that Slovakia, as a Christian country, would very much like to stay that way, even as it remained a mosque free destination, thank you very much.

The wheels of history and of demography are yet to turn for Slovakia, in a way that, tragically, they already have for many other European nations. There was a time when western governments and their leaders, in many places across Europe and beyond, including here in Australia, could have stared down the politically correct offence takers, the activists, and the Socialist morons, screaming for open borders, and resisted the po-faced lawyers and human rights careerists crying racism and demanding compassion, and acted to preserve and protect their own culture, religion and identity. Tragically, for many, that time has now passed. Although it is quite unspeakable in polite company, the uncomfortable reality that western nations must face up to, is that Islam does not come to integrate, it comes to colonise. Islamic migrants, with some honourable exceptions (such as secular Iranians and Turks, among others), do not come to adapt to and adopt the local culture, they come to dismantle it.

It is a hard reality to hear in a harshly counter cultural way, and it is very politically incorrect to say it, almost to the point of illegal or at least on the cusp of illegality in some jurisdictions – but the cold, hard truth, that those western leaders seemingly determined to commit cultural suicide, must face up to, even if it is already factually too late, is that the end game insofar as of mass Islamic migration is concerned, is the Caliphate. To actively facilitate one’s own demise, and incredulously, to even finance it, is beyond stupid. When the death wish is ultimately fulfilled, and come the Islamic Republic of France, the Caliphate of Belgium, and the ISIS invasion of Greece, it is possible that the stance taken by Slovakia today, may well mean that Bratislava will among the last bastions of Christianity on mainland Europe by the end of the 21st Century.