Why I vote for the Greens


This hilarious video by the Chaser has been doing the social media rounds over the last few days.

Whilst the Chaser clearly had a left wing bent, they were funny none the less, and would sometimes set their ridiculing sights on leftists and progressive targets. This is one of them.

I doubt the Chaser fully realised the enduring humour and insight of this particular skit, as it reveals several of the main Green voter stereotypes, yet Why I vote Greensrather accurately portrays their personalities and the reasons why they in fact vote for the Greens.

Of course, as this video shows, voting for the Greens is as least as much about ‘image’ and posturing, as it is about policies and outcomes.

Check the clip out below, and have a good laugh.

While you’re at it, I think I am going to have another look, and a good chuckle myself.

It’s the XYZ.