Climate change oxymorons and ad hominems


“Are there any phrases in today’s political lexicon more obnoxious than “the science is settled” and climate-change deniers’?”

John Steele Gordon, writing for the Wall Street Journal asks this very question.

For anyone who is frustrated with the constant climate change scaremongering, and the confusion and obfuscation of data by the climate change industry, there is little that is more obnoxious than this phrase.

As Gordon elaborate800px-Nasa_blue_marbles:

“The first [point] is an oxymoron. By definition, science is never settled. It is always subject to change in the light of new evidence. The second.. is nothing but an ad hominem attack, meant to evoke ‘Holocaust deniers,’ those people who maintain that the Nazi Holocaust is a fiction, ignoring the overwhelming, incontestable evidence that it is a historical fact.”

Such slogans as those used above are simply used and devised to insult those who are deemed not to have the right opinion on climate change, and only result in impeding the work of real science.

We congratulate John Steele Gordon and the Wall Street Journal for publishing this article. And we look forward to greater exposure of views that stimulate real debate when it comes to the the issue, effects, and the response to climate change.

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