Conservative women in leadership


The witch hunt against the Speaker of the House of Representatives has reached a new level of shrillness over the last few weeks with the unfolding of the Bronny chopper affair.

The chartering of the chopper between Melbourne and Geelong was over the top, but it was exactly the weapon that her political opponents sought to find and use against her. Yet, we will conveniently ignore the very same abuses of travel, and other expenditure the Labor and the Greens are guilty of.

Margaret-Thatcher_webYou see, for all the leftist jabber about ‘misogyny’, ‘quotas’ and promoting women in leadership, the only thing that progressives hate more than a strong conservative man in leadership is a strong conservative woman.

Since Ms Bishop took the role as Speaker, the ALP and the Greens have been out to get her. They are affronted by her, and are affronted by her leadership and strength. At every opportunity, from the very beginning, the opposition has feigned victim, crying bias from the chair. The reality is that they just want Ms Bishop out of the speaker’s chair, out of parliament, and to shut up.

We saw precisely this same kind of scenario unfold with Sophie Mirabella. What’s more, the left even at her death harbored a special and seething kind of hatred for the late Margaret Thatcher, a deep, dark kind of hatred that not even Regan or Howard would attract.

You won’t find feminists and leftists celebrating conservative women in leadership, instead, they’ll tear them down, label them as witches, and do the very things they claim the women on their side of politics are the victims of.

There is nothing, nothing more that progressives and leftists hate than a strong conservative woman in leadership.