Poll: 1 in 5 people too scared to discuss trans-racial issues.


The results of the latest XYZ Viewer Poll have revealed a disturbing trend toward close-mindedness and self-censorship affecting nearly a third of the population.

imageIn response to the question “If both gender and race are social constructs, and you can change your gender, surely you can change your race?” 21% of respondents said they would not touch the question with a 50 foot poll. Disturbingly, a further 11% of people are so bigoted that they think it is racist simply to ask the question.

The XYZ is relieved and refreshed to learn that over half the population still approaches the issue with a strong dose of common sense, with 56% of respondents choosing the option, “No, race is race, gender is gender, neither are interchangeable. Furthermore, while we think it a little silly that 12% answered in the affirmative to the original question, and actually consider Rachel Dolezal a “pioneer,” The XYZ has to acknowledge that at least they hold views which are consistent.

It’s your XYZ.