Kyrgios calls Fraser a “Racist Dyke.”


The war of words between Nick Kyrgios and Dawn Fraser continues unabated. After Kyrgios tanked a couple of points in his fourth round loss at Wimbledon, Dawn Fraser said in a TV interview that he should “go back to where he came from.” Fraser promptly apologised via media release, saying “I’m sorry if anybody was offended by what I said.”

imageAn unimpressed Kyrgios responded, “her apology doesn’t really mean much. She is just a stupid racist bitch.” Kyrgios quickly apologised, posting a Facebook status update – “I’m sorry if anybody was offended by what I said.”  However, Dawn Fraser rejected this, posting in the comments section – “I can’t believe this little wog thinks it is ok to talk about women like that. Maybe that’s how they treat women in his own country, but not here.”

As expected after such a volley, Fraser apologised, sending an email to her publicist saying that she was “sorry if anybody was offended by what I said.” But a furious Kyrgios bellowed to waiting reporters “I hate that racist dyke!”  Naturally, Kyrgios returned minutes later to apologise, saying “I’m sorry if anybody was offended by what I said,” but an indomitable Fraser soon retorted “I can’t believe we let people into this country who insist on holding onto such out-dated bigotry regarding people’s sexuality. It’s typical of the gooks, they are just so backward.”

Fraser’s apology had barely reached her twitter account when Kyrgios himself tweeted, “Dawn Fraser should f— off back to Germany #racismisugly.”

When asked for comment, Greens leader Richard Di Natale was reported as saying “We’re not touching this one with a 60 foot pole.”

The XYZ awaits the next instalment of this saga.

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