BREAKING: Flannery prediction verified to be true


After weeks of trawling through transcripts of former ‘alarmist of the year’, paleontologist, and all round climate good guy, Professor Tim Flannery, the hardworking research team at XYZ (actually this reporter himself really), has finally located a Flannery prediction that can be said to be 100% bona fide verified to have come to pass and ring true. Never mind all that crap about rain not falling where dams were, Sydney running out of water, and Perth being the 21st century’s first ghost town… Trawling through the transcripts, we found this piece of authenticated Flannery foretelling.

The moment came in an interview with then ABC presenter Maxine McKew, just over ten years ago. Spaimageke Flannery, with biblical like majesty – “well, you can’t predict the future.” Yes Tim, indeed, a piece of wisdom to savour, and perhaps to take note of.

(PS – XYZ notes that the Lateline inquisitor on this occasion, Ms McKew, who conducted the interview somewhat like a devotee before a statue of Buddha, went on to become a successful, and then spectacularly unsuccessful and somewhat embittered, Labor party MP… not that ABC presenters are biased or anything).