How to explain World War III to normies


There’s a Chinese saying we’ve all heard about it being a blessing and a curse to live in interesting times or something similar. It’s the type of midwit profundity you might hear at the beginning of an ABC news program about the ‘Chinese threat’ in the Pacific, with ominous music and graphics.

It turns out that it isn’t a Chinese saying at all. Like most clever things in the modern world, it was invented by an Englishman.

We are living in interesting times, though. Lockdowns and shortages since 2020 have rattled the bars of the utopian Western mind prison we’d been living in since the Second World War. Idealism and self-indulgence had run rampant in the West since the 50s. We lived in a reality constructed by TV, movies and three-minute music hits.

That period of collective unreality is now ending.

Although COVID was nonsense, the shortages weren’t and they were a harbinger of the reality bath we’re going to take this decade as the moment of peak Western hegemony passes and global supremacy shifts to the great powers of Eurasia.

But first, the crash. And your normie friends losing their freaking minds while being told by the TV that it’s all your fault, you cooker bigot conspiracy theorist toilet paper hoarder racist.

Across Australia, millions of people are going to find that the future they expected will not come to pass. Dreams are going to be dashed, fortunes lost and identities shattered. This is the great unravelling that always accompanies the collapse of great empires. And ours was the greatest the world has ever seen.

Since the Boomer generation came of age, Westerners have believed that we are the richest and most advanced of humanity because of our enlightened values and superior technology. This was always a lie.

The Western Boomer generation has been the richest and most comfortable generation in all of human history because our ancestors were the best at concentrating and deploying organised violence across the planet in the centuries beforehand.

It wasn’t our ideals or our technological know-how. Those followed after. What paved the way for the Great Boomer Utopia was that we won the wars and then decided the peace.

Or at least, our elites did. In the West, that meant the financial elites.

Since the Portuguese first established global shipping routes which the Dutch then appropriated and the English then took and the Americans then inherited, the edifice of Western political and military power has rested on the economic foundation of global capitalism. It was about commodities, shipping, lending and colonial expansion.

Since the start, it’s all been about the sea lanes, baby. That’s why, as this system comes crashing down, the Hooty-Tooties or whatever are using their little rockets to make shipping through the Middle Eastern straits impossible.

They’re striking at the foundations of Western economic power on behalf of the great Eurasian powers. This isn’t about shipping. It’s about the peoples of the West experiencing massively reduced living standards in the decades and centuries to come because the sea traffic on which our way of life depends has ceased.

Technological advancements have no doubt assisted these proxy hajjis for Iran, Russia and China to take down shipping. Technology that was ultimately handed over to them by our treasonous, globalist elites due either to incompetence or some nefarious agenda.

Perhaps these globalists have a religious vision for a post-American world that we’re not privy to.

Regardless of why our elites have betrayed us, Iran, Russia and China are choosing now for their strategic moves because they know that the economic foundations of Western power are crumbling.

After World War II, the victorious United States built a series of institutions to spread liberal democracy around the world. These days, those institutions spread perversion, financial slavery and oligarchic control around the world. They include the United Nations, NATO, the World Bank and the Bretton Woods monetary system.

The Americans also inherited the architecture for a system of global banking based at the Bank for International Settlements in Basil, Switzerland. It’s the central bank of central banks and is so far above national governments that it conducted banking for both the Allies and Axis throughout the Second World War.

The Bretton Woods system is the basis for global monetary order created in 1944. 50 nations, under the authority of the USA, agreed to peg their currency values to the US dollar and the dollar to gold to facilitate trade after the war.

In 1971, President Richard Nixon reneged on anchoring the US dollar to gold. This was followed by rampant inflation and commodity crises throughout the 1970s, but during the 1980 presidential election, the cabal behind Ronald Reagan proposed a solution to this impasse.

In what Reagan’s rival for the Republican nomination, George Bush Snr, derided as ‘voodoo economics’, Reagan cut taxes without cutting spending and made up the difference via massive public borrowing.

It was morning in America, and the credit card was about to go apeshit. Any asset that could be leveraged has been booming ever since.

That’s why the Boomers are so rich.

Since 1980, global debt has ballooned in ways that everyday people around the world could never have imagined.

How much the world owes the bankers who own the world.

Western debt expanded through the 80s and 90s, and then globalisation since 2000 has spread the debt party around the world. The obscene levels of development and consumption we’ve become accustomed to around the world are all the result of this manic debt binge.

However, private and government borrowing is not the only factor in this debt picture. As wild and mad as this system based on unpayable debt is, it’s not the underlying cause of why the collapse of Western economic power is inevitable.

Central banking isn’t just about setting interest rates. It’s also connected to a system of money creation that was first developed in Renaissance Italy and spread around the world through the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve.

Our money itself requires debt in order to come into existence. Those dollars that your bank says are in your bank account (they aren’t really) were all of them created when a private bank made a private or public loan.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. It’s created from nothing by bankers.

See that little ‘loan creation’ text? That’s money creation. When we pay back our mortgage or credit card loans, we’re actually destroying money. That means new debt has to keep being created at a growing rate to keep it all stable.

Given that the US Federal Reserve system is owned by a secret group of bankers and the few large banks that now own pretty much all the little banks are owned by basically the same secret group of bankers, whoever that secret group is pretty much rule the world.

Who can it be now?

Very few people in the world truly understand this arrangement. Your normie coworker or family member certainly doesn’t.

Even Jared Bernstein, a senior US government economist and the chair of Biden’s United States Council of Economic Advisers, can’t explain it.


Our cat could do a better job, Jared.

It’s all a Ponzi scheme. Smoke and mirrors. There’s no wizard behind the curtain; just a bunch of overfed bankers and their cronies hoodwinking the world into giving them everything for nothing.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was an allegory of central banking.

Yet those financial elites, a cabal if you will, control the politicians and the corporations and the institutions that run the West and the world.

For now. Until the Houthis or the Persians or the Russians or the Chinese or all of them shoot enough rockets to take the whole thing down. The Russians and Chinese also use the alchemy of central banking. However, their lack of significant public debt and welfare obligations means those nations won’t collapse in the coming crisis.

This will be a Gotterdamerung of the ‘developed world’. For centuries, New York and London have controlled the monetary system upon which global economic order rests. It was the secret sauce of Western hegemony.

Now, the debt has reached its limit. Consumers are maxed out, and the supply of new debt-slave immigrants to the West has overstretched infrastructure and political will. There are no new markets to expand to, no new commodity fields to exploit. Cheap oil has also dried up everywhere except Iran and Russia, really, and we’ve hit natural extraction limits across multiple commodities the system needs for collateralisation and continued debt expansion.

In short, we’ve run out of planet. It’s the end of the road.

This is why war is coming. The Western oligarchs owe too much to those proles dependent on the welfare state, and will be happy to thin the herd. Russia and China are also not willing to accept the Western elites continuing to rule the world.

This is the real great reset.

This is also why the Western oligarchs are pushing for energy de-carbonisation and the introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). They’re desperate. They know they need to end liberal democracy and get the Western slave proles who survive World War III used to much lower levels of consumption, while thinking it’s a good thing.

Many ideological, religious and sentimental reasons will be provided to your normie coworker or brother-in-law about why we need to fight World War III. They will all be lies.

We’re going to war against Eurasia and Eastasia because we based an economic system on debt, and now reality has arrived, and it’s time to pay the piper.

This is the message to pass on to the normies in your life as they lose their minds and start wondering why the world they took for granted is disappearing around them.

Unlike the more enlightened elites of Oceania in 1984, our decadent elites are going to war with both Eastasia and Eurasia simultaneously. This is madness, and they will fail.

As they do, the normies are going to need help processing what’s happening. Be sure to lend a hand.

Originally published at Education Reformation.