Is a Nation comprised of a Race or a Religion?


A bit of a comment war has erupted on my latest post, when regular reader Kentucky Gent opined that Jesus was not a Jew. After being called out on this claim he attempted to explain what he meant.

Religiously, Jesus was NOT a follower of the tradition of the elders. He clearly not only did not follow the tradition of the elders, but was persecuted and murdered by the Jews who did.

Kentucky Gent also referenced Jesus’ genealogy but all this did was to confuse matters further, to the point where the various people involved are now talking around one another. So let me attempt to make things easy for people to understand.

Some years ago I wrote the following in regards to what constitutes a nation.

And by nation I refer to the biblical understanding of what a nation is; a collection of people bound together by a common race and religion, not the perverted line on a map idea of a nation.

But this is actually not true. If you look at what the Bible teaches us, then a nation is a collection of people bound together by religion. A reader emailed me some time ago on this topic and this is what they said:

The biblical idea of a nation is people bound together by a common worship, which is why people like Ruth the Moabitess can join the nation of Israel and even be part of the line of the Messiah. This idea is expanded much further in the New Testament: it is not the children of Abraham (genetically) who are the true people of God, but the children of Abraham’s faith – i.e. those who have faith in the God of Abraham. If lines are drawn based on race AND religion, that precludes the possibility of anyone crossing over to another side – the only options are to be loyal or traitorous to your own side.

Kentucky Gent is correct that Jesus was not a Jew. He was not a Jew because He rejected their religion. Jesus’ genealogy gave Him great credibility in what He was doing. But His lineage has no bearing on whether or not He was a Jew.

In our modern world we are taught to believe that it is genealogy that traps and damns us. The System plays both sides of the street in this regard. On the one hand they claim that race means nothing and that “diversity is our strength” while on the hand hand they seek to gaslight and damn whites for the invented and false “sins of our fathers”.

As whites who have taken the red pill for some time, and with the current situation in which we find our nations overrun with imported outsiders, it is natural for us to adhere to the rallying call of our racial identity to distinguish us and to attempt to save our nations. But as I have explained, the Bible does not hold race as an identity of a nation; rather, it is religion.

Before they subverted our nations with uncontrolled immigration, first they had to divorce us from our shared religion. From our beliefs. Until they did that then no mass immigration would have been possible because it would not have been accepted due to the clash of religious identities. But with our nations first made secular, then they were free to open the floodgates while they gaslighted us that there was no problem, seduced us with materialistic toys, and separated us from our ancestors.

Whites attempting to recreate their nations based entirely upon racial identity have no hope of success, because nations are formed from people with a common worship. Today, nationalistic whites define themselves from pagan to Christian, and everything in between. Then they attempt to rally together people with nothing in common except the color of their skin.

The System convinced us that religion doesn’t matter, and most of us bought the lie. We bought the lie because it suited us to do so, at least in the short term. But in the long term we have sold ourselves out, and by doing so we sold out our nations. We did it. We have to accept responsibility for it.

Jesus rejected the religion of the Jews, and for that they still hate Him today. They hate Him more than any other entity known to man. But the Jews get one thing right. They know that a nation consists of a people with a common religion, and they never let go of their demon worshiping religion. We need to know this about them, and we need to know this about ourselves. Until we understand that, we won’t get anywhere.

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