Aboriginal Demons


An attitude towards Christianity that I encounter somewhat frequently is that it is not relevant for today’s modern world. Things have moved on, it seems. We have become more enlightened and now have no more need of the chains of religion that held us down as individuals for so long. This belief is common amongst atheists, but also among lukewarm Christians. They are nominally Christian, but they do not practice their supposed professed religion. It merely sits there among their many material objects, one more brand to go with all of the others.

Together with this attitude there exists a profound ignorance as to what we have lost as former Christian nations and societies. There seems to be a collective amnesia at work, due to the almost total eradication of Christianity and its traditions, norms, rules and ethics from our lives. Some might say that now there exists only the state, that Caesar has triumphed over God in collecting only his due alone.

But with the banishment of Christianity to the margins of society, that only the kooks and weirdos now continue to believe in their “man in the sky”, there has come to exist a profound vacuum, and such a vacuum must be filled.

A property owner in rural Western Australia is being prosecuted by the state government for building a creek crossing on his own land.

A Western Australian man has opened up on the legal battle which has caused a financial burden and poses risk of jail time for breaking a bizarre cultural heritage law. Tony Maddox built a creek crossing on his property in the town of Toodyay last year however he was charged by the state’s heritage department for a breach of the West Australian Aboriginal Heritage Act.

The prosecution claimed the development of the road disrupted Waugul – a rainbow serpent central to mythology for Noongar people – as he removed a large amount of silt from the creek.

Mr Maddox has spent almost a year fighting the charges, having had no prior knowledge that the heritage act applied to the creek on his property.

If found guilty, he could spend up to nine months in jail and faces a fine of up to $20,000.

Much noise is being made of the fact that it was not local aboriginal elders that brought the prosecution against the landowner, but rather the relevant government department. However, this polemic does not interest me. If you are going to give certain powers to unelected bureaucrats, then they are going to use them. Because to not use those powers would infer a choice on the part of the bureaucrats in question, and such a risk no official is willing to take.

But like I said, this is of no interest to my own discussion on the topic. I merely include it so as it will not be a distraction going forward. Rather, what interests me, and it interests me greatly, is that this entire farce is a classic example of what happens when a society becomes post-Christian.

The Waugul rainbow serpent is at best a pagan idol. At worst it is a literal demon. To recognise it is heretical. To worship it is highly heretical and a mortal sin. To be forced to recognise and worship such an idol is the price that a citizen of a post-Christian state must pay.

It is interesting that the pagan idol takes the form of a serpent, the form that Satan has taken on numerous occasions since the Garden of Eden. And so it comes back to torment us.

If we were still a Christian nation then a situation such as this one would never arise. We know that because in the past, this situation indeed never arose. A Christian nation does not suffer paganism, let alone its idols and demons. This is one of the great benefits of being a citizen of a Christian nation. The laws of the Bible and of the Church apply, not the laws of pagan tribes greedy for power and money.

But we are no longer a Christian nation. And secularism is a vacuum as I noted earlier. That vacuum is being filled by aboriginal paganism, at least in Australia. And it is not just the rainbow serpent demon. Every ‘welcome to country’ ceremony is a pagan ceremony that worships and acknowledges pagan tribalism, as is every ‘smoking ceremony’ for that matter. Each year the federal parliament opens its business with such pagan rituals.

The landowner in question must suffer financially from the paganism which this country now worships. That is a material loss. But we are also suffering in a spiritual sense. We are worshiping and acknowledging demons, whether we understand this or not. Such a nation can only be cursed by God with the fate that awaits it.

This is your modern world. Christianity is indeed not relevant anymore, because we are no longer under God’s protection. That is what the loss of Christianity means to each one of us. This is but one example. But there are many others that exist, and many more still to come.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill.

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