Voice Campaign Cracking: Call to DELAY REFERENDUM

One termer, incoming.

With the “yes” campaign tanking, federal opposition leader Peter Dutton in June called for the “voice” referendum to be delayed. Today, an official support of the “yes” campaign repeated the call:

One of the few Liberal MPs who support the Indigenous voice to parliament has appealed to the government to delay the referendum to next year.

Andrew Bragg, who is campaigning for a yes vote, said not enough “middle ground” had been established and he feared that lack of consensus had doomed the referendum to failure.

It was time to recalibrate to “save the concept”, he said, before running a referendum in mid-2024.

Polls show support for the voice has declined over this year, with the double majority needed to pass the referendum in doubt.

“They need to have a proper effort at building bipartisan support that can improve the product,” Bragg said in an interview with Sydney radio 2GB.

“Because it’s the product which is in question here. Not the marketing.”

No, it’s very much both.

The “product” would be an extremely powerful body, comprised of openly hardcore Marxist political aborigines, which exists outside the electoral cycle and would be nigh on impossible to ignore. Via the threat of High Court challenges, the “voice” would hold the power of veto over every piece of legislation in the country, effectively becoming not merely a third chamber of parliament, but a de facto executive branch of government.

Its prototype in Western Australia has already emboldened multiple aboriginal groups to oppose government works and to attempt to extort the taxpayer in the process.

The “marketing” effectively boils down to “vote yes or you’re a racist”.


The more they try to flog this totalitarian change to the Constitution with such toxic marketing, the more Australians hate it. This has led to even more hysterical screeching of “racist” alongside the predictable accusations of “misinformation”.

There is no way the “voice” will ever gain the support of a majority of Australian voters in a majority of states. The “yes” camp knows this, but for now Bragg is simply calling for more committees:

Bragg said he did not think it was the “right thing” to let go of a constitutionally enshrined Indigenous voice to parliament, but he thought the government approach to establishing the wording of the referendum had left people behind.

“They should have established a committee last year to look at how you can build some consensus around the legal wording and also the detail,” he said. “On the marriage debate, only just five or six years ago, there was a bill on the table, which people could look at before they voted on.

“I would have thought on the voice, there would have been at least an exposure draft bill that could have been considered alongside the referendum question.”

The “marriage” debate is an excellent example of why the “voice” is D.O.A. In the lead-up to the postal vote to allow reprobates to get married, (and in similar debates overseas) opponents warned it would lead to homosexual identity propaganda being aggressively targeted at children, and it would normalise even more extreme perversions such as “transgenderism”. We were told this was a slippery slope argument.

Several years later, “bigots” been proven 100% correct.

Now, “voice” opponents are warning that it will lead to demands for “reparations” and a “treaty”. The Prime Minister is insisting that this is not what is being voted on, despite the fact that it is perfectly reasonable to oppose the “voice” based on what it will lead to, especially as its architects openly state that “reparations” and a “treaty” are what they want, and what they expect the “voice” to facilitate.

Back to the whole committee thing:

Bragg said delaying the referendum to allow a “four or five month” committee process could help to “recalibrate” the debate.

“I believe that there are different ways you can work the voice, there are more simple amendments that could have been considered,” he said.

“I mean, we had a shambolic committee process that ran for just four weeks, earlier this year, which recommended that the voice could not be improved in any way.

“Now, this is a concept which has been drafted in dozens of different ways over the last few years. So to argue that it can’t be improved is just intellectually dishonest.”

Government guy says the way to get Aussies to vote for more government is to give us more government.

Some had suggested that Labor may push forward the vote to early October to capitalise on a huge propaganda push during the AFL and NRL finals. However, for the reasons outlined above this would only enrage voters further.

Bragg’s call is likely the first crack to appear in the “yes” campaign. Expect to see a postponement announcement in the next month or so, and for the referendum to be quietly shelved indefinitely, vaguely around the time that World War III officially breaks out between Clownworld and Russia and China.

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