The Camp Of The Devils: France In Flames

This is a continuation of the developments in France as reported by my previous article here. If you have read it and gone back to this article, I must inform you that France is in turmoil yet again.

France burnt for a fifth night as rioters rampaged through major cities, torching cars and trashing buildings – prompting the drastic deployment of French special forces in an attempt to stop the mayhem from escalating. 

Up to 7,000 police were deployed into Paris overnight – joining a nationwide force of 45,000 officers – as the civil unrest continued to deepen following the killing of 17-year-old Nahel Merzouk on Tuesday. 

I would like to thank Global Intel Watch (@geopoliticalblog on Telegram), who reported on the situation on the 28th June at 3:50am AEST:

– Race riots underway in Nanterre, France, following a non-White man having been killed by the police after having tried to run away from the police with his car, endangering the policeman. 

The government and its media has condemned the policeman, and the state has arrested the policeman.

So in other words, we have a George Floyd Moment in France. Much like the George Floyd case or the Trayvon Martin case or the (insert dead person here) case, it has triggered a violent reaction from the migrant community, never thinking about the criminal history of the person in question. Nahel Merzouk had a criminal record of 15 previous offences with a previous arrest for refusing to comply with officers.

Violence started in Nanterre, before spreading to other cities in the country such as Colmar, Suresnes, Colombes, Asnières-sur-Seine and Gennesvilliers. A protestor was injured in the eye with possible loss of the organ as a result of police using a flash ball. A journalist attempted to report the Nanterre rioting:

GIW – 7:15am on 28th June:

– French Figaro journalist trying to cover racial unrest: I approach to take pictures. Two groups appeal to me. “This is a forbidden zone! What are you filming? “.

Three men on scooters surround me, screaming for my phone.

They are about ten, insulting me and shouting. Make me pull out my phone and delete every photo. One of them, hooded, tries to snatch my phone. I comply, I am then taken back to the “exit”. “Get out of here, this is not your place!”.

Several hours pass before reports are made that French police have not only retreated from the Nanterre area, but they has done so whilst heavily armed. Widespread illegal assault weapons carried by the rioters increased the similarities between the current conflicts and the 2005 French riots, which lasted for 21 days and led to 2,888 arrests.

As of the 10th of July, we have seen over 3,000+ arrests with more in sight.

President Emmanuel Macron moved in to state, “Nothing justifies the death of a young person”. His words were then repudiated by the words of Alliance, the leading French police union, who maintained the necessity of innocence until proven guilty. Those comments led to Interior Minister Gèrald Darmanin to ask authorities to dissolve a police union following the comments on the Nanterre case.

As well as the words of Nahel Merzouk’s mother, who advocated for revolt. But as the journalists of the (((world))) always say, never let the violent words of a nonwhite get in the way of publicly mocking White people or their reactions.

Notes from the French interior ministry accessed by GIW proposed the following:

  • Cancellation of operations in sensitive neighbourhoods
  • Chase prohibited in case of police blockade being forced
  • use of the flashball prohibited

So what this means is that:

  1. The police cannot make efforts to quell violence in rioting hotspots
  2. Police cannot go out and pick off protestors one by one, organising strength by numbers.
  3. The police have to resort to other anti-rioting deterrents to be used short of rubber bullets or any life-affecting methods. In other words, they are screwed if they can’t maintain order.

As a result, the riots grew worse with a lack of police resistance and with widespread distribution of footage online. By 8:33am AEST, emergency lines for the firefighter services were overloaded and public notices were issued to the public. Town halls were assaulted and a police station in Trappes was left undefended from attack.

GIW offered a prediction for the end of the disorder:

– By this point, the bet from those who expect a quick return to order in France is that those who’ll restore order will be… the drug dealers, who won’t want to lose their revenue. They might also calculate that a prolonged crisis would permanently weaken the police tho.

Stories appeared of gunfire being used against CCTV cameras as several town halls and police station are burned.

From Tass:

A security post at the entrance to the Fresnes Prison in the Val-de-Marne department south of Paris has been attacked by unidentified persons, the BFM television channel reported on Thursday.

According to BFM, about 20 young man with their hoods up threw flares at the prison’s security post, activating the alarm.

“They [the attackers] did not get into the prison’s territory. Law enforcement forces arrived soon,” the television channel cites a police source.

Rioters turned towards looting in Paris city centre, using grinders to cut open an ATM in another city whilst footage is shown of protestors disguising themselves as policemen. Such was the situation that in Paris, police stations reported to have run “out of ammunition” according to reports made by Bellum Acta on Telegram.

The President once again made his talking point:

– Macron on Twitter:

— “Violence against police stations, schools, town halls, against the Republic, is unjustifiable.

Thank you to the police, gendarmes, firefighters and elected officials mobilized.

Mourning, Justice and calm must guide the next few hours.”

Again, this is after he was caught in a compromising position with a gay man:

France’s President Emmanuel Macron has called off his trip to Germany amid widespread rioting and unrest that has swept the country.

Macron had already evoked intense anger across France after he was filmed dancing at an Elton John concert while his country burned on Wednesday night.

At least we did not interrupt his diversity session with the African cast of the remake of Bananas In Pyjamas:

The French police assumed that there would be a re-establishment of order via drug traffickers wanting to re-capture their market of addicts. But of course, it will not work with suburban centres or towns that are simply affected by migrant crime and not drug crime.
It was until 6:14am when Éric Zemmour stated:

– “It’s a racial, ethnic war […]. We need somebody strong, determined. If I were in power, I would have stopped immigration in the first place” – from GIW

Far-right groups were reported to have either stepped aside to let the riots heighten the contradictions, the differences between the system’s calls for calm and its inability to create stability, or to actively defend regions of France in order to consolidate White people against further attacks.

In short, France has recorded 2 confirmed deaths, 808 injured officers, 1 billion euros in infrastructure costs, 1,000+ buildings damaged and over 5,600+ vehicles destroyed.

A 24-year old French firefighter died as he quenched fires in an underground car park, in the Muslim-majority Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis.

However, there must be a whitepill:

From Global Intel Watch:

– In reaction to a fundraise destined to Nahel’s mother (Nahel is the 17 years old killed in France by the police), a fundraise destined to the cop’s family has been organized.

Nahel’s fundraise reached reached 350.000€

Police officer’s fundraise reached 1.400.000€

But to the rescue, The Guardian offers the true reason for the riots: Police being racist (aka, just doing their jobs).

The article puts forward the greatest cope of them all, that France was systematically racist and that the police are this and that, just read for yourself and wonder why the Jews allow that publication free reign while they stonewall us at the humble XYZ.

The Camp Of The Saints is a 1973 dystopia by Jean Raspail that depicts non-White migration entering Europe and making Whites into a minority. The events depicted on the Wikipedia page include:

  • Catholic priests promote the adoption of Indian children by those back in Belgium as a form of charity
  • At a press conference about the crisis, a French official who offers a speech in praise of the migrants is confronted by a journalist who claims he is merely trying to “feed the invaders” and demands to know if France will “have the courage to stand up to” the migrants when they reach France. The official decries this question as morally offensive and threatens to throw the journalist out when he continues to yell.
  • To the surprise of observers, the apartheid regime of South Africa floats out barges of food and supplies, which the migrants throw overboard. The international press is thrilled, believing the rejection of these supplies to be a political statement against the apartheid South African regime. Western leaders, confident the migrants will accept supplies from their “more virtuous” nations, organize a supply mission, funded by governments, charities, rock stars and major churches, to meet the migrants off São Tomé. However, the fleet does not stop for these barges either, and when a worker from the Pope’s barge attempts to board one of the ships, he is strangled and thrown overboard. The press attempts to contain coverage of the murder.
  • London is taken over by an organization of non-white residents known as the “Non-European Commonwealth Committee”, who force the British queen to have her son marry a Pakistani woman

Pakistani, half-African American who used to be on Suits, at this point you might as well say “Arabico or Espresso, coffee is coffee”.

The novel itself has been challenged half a hundred times by those that are offended by the near-accurate predictions of the book between 1973 and 2023. Despite many politicians in France giving words about a debate on the matter of immigration, they will never let it out in the open. In the aftermath of the riots, the French government insist that it was either the far-right or French civilians responsible for the anarchy and not the Arabs or Africans that have now burnt down even Catholic churches in a continuous trend in the country:

French intellectual circles have understood the consequences of mass migration since the 1970s, with the logical end points being the concept of “The Great Replacement” by Renaud Camus. The French know that this policy of state-mandated multiculturalism is by design and it is a malicious design at that.

France In The Short And Long Term

The end result has been a massive and radical rise in the recruitment of far-right groups, active clubs and nationalist organisations. Thomas Sewell, the head of the European Australian Movement and the NSN, reported on his Telegram page that one French group had recruited 19 men in the span of 24 hours.

Of course, this is one isolated incident out of many potential stories of people rising up against their own replacement.

The 2027 Elections will be interesting, as I have said in my previous piece on France. Marine Le Pen of National Rally (formerly National Front) has taken on a similar position to Pauline Hanson on the French right. There’s no longer the shock factor of her commentary and her positions, given that there is no such conservative force left in France. There is only her and to her right is the French Algerian-born Jew Éric Zemmour, who has outright condemned the riots and has called for nonwhites to be expelled from France.

Zemmour himself is a television personality and prolific author, writing a biography of Jacques Chirac as well as writing two controversial books: Le Premier Sex (2006) denounces the feminisation of French society from a traditionalist perspective as well as The French Suicide (Le Suicide français) a 2014 essay detailing French societal decline since the May 1968 student riots (led by Marxists in the trade unions and intellectual circles) and the French people degrading from globalisation, Islamism and other topics. Zemmour found controversy when he wrote in his essay that Vichy France did not participate in the persecution of Jews during WW2, an opinion that puts himself outside the normal Jewish consensus of the Holocaust lie.

Assuming trends go the way they do, the French right will be galvanised to the point where Zemmour may reach fourth or third in the initial vote. However given his record of anti-immigration comments as well as his political history there will be no surprise if he is cheated out of the Presidency as was the case with Jean-Marie Le Pen in 2002.

And for a final word I will say this:

Do You Want To Be A Minority In Your Own Land?

I think you know what the solution is.

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