Nigel Farage gets DEBANKED: You’re all next


Nigel Farage is going to lose his bank account. No other bank in Britain will give him a new one. He says he may be forced to leave the UK. If he does, then it will be like showing blood to the hounds. What makes him think that he will be able to keep a bank account in any other country in the world? Oh, I’m sure he will be allowed one to get him out of the country, but once he’s living in Australia or Spain or Switzerland or Russia, or the USA, who’s to say that once he’s settled in, that the bank he’s found there won’t decide that they don’t want his custom after all?

Cancelled bank accounts are nothing new for real Nationalists. Here in Australia bank accounts have been cancelled for years. Nobody cares what happens to Nazis though. We deserve it. It’s okay to “bash a fash”. Police will arrest the fascist for daring to damage the property of the antifascists’ crow bar with their face. So why wouldn’t it also be okay to forbid such obvious “terrorists in waiting” the ability to financially function as other people do?

The Nigel Farage’s of the world didn’t say anything when this first started happening. Now they are paying the price for it. In the UK ordinary people have had their bank accounts closed for simply asking why their local branch has pride flags plastered all over its walls. Which means that closing of bank accounts for non public figures has been going on for a long time there too. It needed to have been normalised against people with more fringe views long ago, for it to be widespread for people with common views today.

Two years ago I realised just how vulnerable I was to having my own bank account closed as friends in the movement reported their own banking deplatforming. Though it would still be an inconvenience to me if they did it now, it would no longer be something I couldn’t deal with. I have alternatives prepared just in case I come up on the next list of dissidents to be messed around. Nigel Farage and anyone else who wants to stay in the fight had better do the same.

Once you are in the fight, there is no going back. We are not dealing with people who will simply back off if you decide to follow the rules once more. The whole purpose of closing people’s bank accounts or throwing people in jail for months without trial on trumped up charges, or letting antifa bash us with impunity is not to make us stop; it is to make an example of us, so others are too afraid to even start. So Nigel Farage will need to see this through to the end in England. Because the powers that shouldn’t be have no mercy or forgiveness in them.

As for those of you who are too afraid to start because of what they might do to you, I have bad news for you. They are going to do it to you anyway. Sooner or later you will find yourself blurting out something to the wrong person by accident about a pride banner, or a European historical documentary played by a black man. The next day you will find yourself out of a job or out of a bank account or inside a jail cell for “hate speech”. The longer you remain silent the easier it will become to shut you up. Which is why they are doing all they can to intimidate you now.

They succeeded in keeping people quiet in England long enough to normalise the social and financial punishment. Now they are bold enough to come after the former leader of a rogue political party. Nationalists in Australia have been targeted with bank closures for half a dozen years. Soon the practice will expand here too. Don’t be surprised if Pauline Hanson finds herself without a bank account within a year or two. She is no more a solution to Australia’s woes than Nigel Farage is to Britain’s. It doesn’t matter. First they came for the Nazis but they weren’t Nazis, so they said nothing. Next they will come for the minor Political Parties, but most of the country won’t say anything because they don’t support a minor Political Party. One day, in the not too distant future they will come for everyone else. Will there be anyone left to say anything by then?

That’s up to each and everyone of us. Speak up. Speak out.

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