A Land without Honor


Australia is sliding down a path laid down by South Africa and recently ratified by New Zealand. It is a path of doom. A road of racial destruction, brought about by outside agents determined to deconstruct and destroy that which the white man built. The motivation is financial greed, but that is only a short term design. The broader outcome is chaos. The final outcome is that Australia will become a land of mulatto slaves, such as that which befell nations such as Egypt. Yes, Cleopatra was no black nor brown, but a Grecian white like her long displaced people.

It is the same story told over thousands of years. Numb a populace into compliance through material wealth and the fear of losing it. Blackmail them into compliance through social pressure and the fear of being branded a dangerous thinker. Remember political correctness? That was the start, and we rolled over and took it. Shut your mouth and look the other way. Dob in a mate, and reap the financial rewards when you can take his higher position. Short term gain, long term oblivion.

The Voice is the latest outrage to be brought against the white population of Australia, an outrage which we are being forced to vote upon. Imagine being forced to vote for your own racial destruction and openly mocked if you vote the wrong way. That’s what democracy gives us; we no longer have the opportunity to fight for our beliefs. No, that was taken from us, and instead we must line up under threat of financial penalty to cast our vote as if it counts.

The polls are showing that The Voice is in trouble. I say that the vote has been rigged from the start. Do you think that they didn’t learn anything from Trump or Brexit? They only thing that they fear is a hungry populace. But we are fat and lazy in our complacency. And we are cowardly in our bland acceptance of our fate.

Australia, and when I say Australia I mean its original and proper ethnic population, Australia is a land without honor. We are being replaced and we are doing it to ourselves. Enthusiastically. Anyone who today still believes that diversity is our strength or who does not understand that equality is another word for communist satanism, is either so stupid that they do not deserve to live or they are Wormtongues who take insipid delight in their own destruction.

The Voice is a direct attack on us. What it represents is our failure to act. Our failure to live with principles. Our failure to be morally consistent with our Christian heritage. Our failure to resist their worldly temptations. Our failure to defend our families. Our failure to seek the best for our children. Our failure to boldly put our people first and to defend our land from invasion. Our failure to live with honor.

Our failure. My failure. Your failure. Our fathers’ failure.

Own it. Breathe it in. But understand that continual failure can be overcome. That all it takes is a solemn stand to take not one foot further back and the consequences be damned. You know what South Africa is like today. You are seeing the same events play out across the Tasman Sea. The United States is a racial disaster which was properly planned and executed, as is the United Kingdom and much of Europe.

It is all their grand design.

It’s not enough to vote no. The polling booths themselves are beacons of hate towards us and our people. If they stand, our children fall. A simpleton can understand that a vote to elevate one race in a nation above all others is a concept of pure hate. To partake in such a vote makes you their slave, whichever way you cast your ballot.

They mock us. They laugh at us. Their white puppets believe that they will be the special ones who will be spared. They openly state that our precious constitution is to be a doormat for their racial vendetta. And we pretend that what they openly are saying we instead do not hear. Just give them what they want. Surely they will go away this time. Surely this will be the last of their demands.

It turns out your sorry march across the harbor bridge didn’t count for much, at least not for us. But for them it counted a great deal indeed. It told them that we are weak, that they can manipulate us into agreeing to our own suppression. And it told them that we have no honor.

How much longer will they let us live on our knees?

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.