Fake left housing hypocrisy rounds two, three, and four


From MacroBusiness.

David Llewellyn-Smith

The first round of the fake left’s housing hypocrisy was to demand more mass immigration while complaining about the predictable consequence of a rental price shock.

This would always make Australia’s most vulnerable economic cohorts far worse off.

A job well done for the fake “left”, and it is celebrating at Wokey:

For a generation, housing policy in Australia has been about showering tax concessions on property owners, while politicians mumbled incoherently about affordability. In little more than a year since the federal election, the Greens have moved the terms of the housing debate from mealy-mouthed platitudes about housing supply to a sharp-edged debate about rent controls.

Which will NEVER come and would backfire if they did. What a win!

But wait, there’s more.

Round two for fake left politics is to whinge as capital values begin to rise with rents which, of course, prices out a whole new batch of vulnerable economic cohorts.

Either locking them into the higher rents of round one or ensuring the following at The Woketardian:

First home buyers will be forking out up to 40% of their average disposable income on mortgage repayments if the Reserve Bank proceeds as widely expected with two more rate rises in 2023, according to projections by the Australian National University.

The share of debt repayments for all mortgagors has already risen from a near-40 year low of 17% of average income in 2019 to 25.1% after the RBA began lifting its official gauge 12 times in its past 13 rates meetings.

Round three of fake left whinging will come in due course. It will transpire as rising prices mean first-home buyers can’t afford to buy a home at all.

Lost on the fake left will be that the rising prices are their only hope of getting more supply to weigh on the rental price shock of fake left housing hypocrisy round one.

But, as these fake left economic fools sleep well in their homes tonight, they can rest easy on a job well-done becasue:

Immigration – because there are many desperate to hate – must be treated with extreme care by politicians and journalists…The inherently racist parties will seek to use any discussion and any seeming evidence of the negative impact of migrants as fuel to burn their fires of hate.

Meanwhile, the fake left’s mass immigration will continue to worsen every hour of every day for Australia’s most vulnerable economic cohorts.

While making developers obscenely rich and delivering fake left housing hypocrisy round four.

From MacroBusiness.