Food For Thought – I Drink Your Milkshake

There will be noticing. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Donald Trump came out the other day announcing his 2024 bid for the White House and Murdoch presstitutes like Joe Hildebrand haven’t wasted too much time compiling lists as to why “Trump will never be president again”.

As the Zen Buddhist monk said, “We’ll see”.

Meanwhile The Forward came out the week prior with a chutzpah fuelled headline proclaiming Trump to be the American Haman:

Daily reminder Trump SADLY isn’t an anti-Semite!

However even despite Trump having married most his kids off to Jews and saying things like he “could easily be” the Prime Minister of Israel (what with Trump garnering over 71% approval rating in Israel) and suggesting we “bring back the death penalty” for anti-Semites (a tongue in cheek echo back to the Soviet penalty against antisemitism, of which the first Soviet government was 80% Jewish) Trump has absolutely “destroyed the guardrails against antisemitism” (and that’s a good thing).

The boomerwaffen tier shitposting driven diatribes and speeches Trump made ripping on a slew of “intersectional” anti-White symptoms in the lead up to 2016, whilst deflecting from and condemning hatred of the kosher cause, helped to amplify coast to coast “noticing” under his presidency (particularly when Trump attempted to suppress the citizenry’s first amendment rights via Executive Order with full support from Congress, DHS, CIA, NSA and FBI).

And yet the anti-White FBI ends up raiding Trump after many of us have been similarly raided. However when you understand the axis of antisemitism you can ultimately gauge why these kippah wearing power-brokers need to have Trump’s head proverbially displayed on a pike.

Even with Trump tier boosters like Alex Jones blaming “Nazis” for transgenderism, Hollywood, vaccines, social media censorship, organ harvesting, water fluoridation and any other prevailing externality stemming from the Kosher certified system in which we live, Trump’s win in 2016 was absolutely predicated on support from “irredeemable” and “deplorable” White affirming dissidents and “Nazis”.

That was the most “anti-Semitic” thing these Jews couldn’t abide by. A candidate openly winning with overt bald-faced support from people who unwittingly and knowingly hated them, even when they ultimately controlled said candidate.

This is why every angle of the operation mockingbird mainstream media is memeing hard for a reserved Jew loving Zionist like Ron DeSantis as the Republican nominee in 2024 lest The Donald become an ostensible referendum on those whom Maurice Samuel termed “the destroyers”.

Food For Thought.

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