Food For Thought – May Marx’s Minions All End Up Like Allende

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Routinely, I’m sent memes of Uncle Adolf blowing his brains out with the wording “Follow your leader” underneath it by triggered Trots.

Another subtle Socialist Alternative placard

For those unfamiliar with this meme, it has been floating around for decades, and was notably featured at early Socialist Alternative riots against Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party in the mid-90s.

It’s probably worth reminding folks though of a point made by based David Hilton, that while few (if any) of ANTIFA’s enemies are actually “Nazis”, ANTIFA and Socialist Alternative are most definitely communist.

And when it comes to “revolutionary suicide”, nobody does it better than the Commies.

Take for example their “Democratic Socialist” saviour Salvador Allende, who managed to shoot himself twice in the head with an “AK-47 Castro had given him while visiting Chile two years earlier”.

Praise be to Pinochet!

Nor lest we forget that dedicated Marxist leader Jim Jones, who did everything he possibly could to depreciate the stock-price of Kool-Aid.

So I smugly say, go on commies, follow your leaders already! I’m sure you’re just “dying” to show us what you’re made of?

Food For Thought.