Jacinta Price: Voice will create more fake aborigines


Partly aboriginal Coalition Senator Jacinta Price today pointed out that the so-called “voice” which has been legislated in South Australia has led to a “dramatic increase” in the number of fake aborigines in the state. The obvious implication is that an adoption of the “voice” at a national level via referendum will do the same:

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has warned of a “dramatic increase” in people falsely claiming to be Aboriginal because of the newly legislated voice in South Australia, as she leads the Coalition’s No campaign and is charged with delivering better outcomes for Indigenous people.

Peter Dutton catapulted the Country Liberal Party senator – one of the most outspoken campaigners against the Albanese government’s preferred model for the voice – into his shadow cabinet on Tuesday, in a wider than expected reshuffle.

The Opposition Leader also lost his second frontbencher in two weeks, after Queensland MP Karen Andrews called time on her political career and announced she would move to the backbench and not recontest the next election.

Ms Andrews said her decision had nothing to do with the Liberal Party’s position on the voice, which was the trigger for NSW MP Julian Leeser to quit the frontbench last week.

Mr Leeser’s resignation from the Indigenous Australians and legal affairs portfolios forced Mr Dutton to conduct the reshuffle.

I’m just going to leave this here…

Senator Nampijinpa Price said Indigenous leaders in remote communities “don’t have any idea” what Anthony Albanese was proposing for the voice or Yes campaign and didn’t believe they would be represented by “yet another model that they see as being run by those who have had long held positions within the Aboriginal industry”.

Spot on, it is an industry and many slightly aboriginal people with the right connections make a lot of money from it.

In her first press conference as the opposition’s Indigenous Australians spokeswoman, she said there were lessons to be learned from the South Australian voice and claimed it had been left open for individuals to sign statutory declarations to say they were Indigenous.

She said this was “utterly ridiculous” and “deeply concerning”.

“Another matter that is of great concern, which has been talked about by a lot of Indigenous people around the country, are those who claim to be Indigenous who aren‘t necessarily indigenous,” Senator Nampijinpa Price said.

“You will see in South Australia a dramatic increase in the number of Indigenous people within its population no doubt because of that particular model.”

For a couple of years now the mainstream Lying Press has been confirming the claim made by Andrew Bolt over a decade ago, which saw him hauled before the AHRC Kangaroo Court, that many White people falsely claim to be aboriginal in order to glean career, financial and social rewards.

There may already be as many as 300,000 fake aboriginals in Australia. A so-called “voice to parliament” which cements the power of the slightly aboriginal / political aboriginal class in the founding document of the nation will put this on steroids.

Incredibly, many “aboriginals” now speaking out about this bizarre phenomenon are themselves only slightly aboriginal.


It is my prediction that regardless of the outcome of the referendum, in about a decade’s time the majority of White people living within about 5-10 km of Australia’s CBD’s, and/or working in the corporate and public sectors who have not already miscegenated with foreigners, will “identify” as aborigines. Many will do so for personal gain, but I predict it will reach the point where many do so simply for ideological reasons.

This is the logical consequence of universal anti-White hate propaganda. White Australians will be divided between those of us committed to preserving the existence of our people and those who deny their own heritage due to internalisation of anti-White messaging.

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