God versus LGBTQX


First the gays didn’t want to have the shit kicked out of them while being arrested for indecency by the local coppers. They just wanted to be able to ply their deviancy in peace, behind closed doors. The next stage was equality, they wanted to be treated equally. As Dover Beach notes in this essay, the rhetorical flourish behind a plea for equality is a powerful intoxicant in a democratic society.

Regarding the rhetoric of ‘exclusion’, we see presently the claim that all that ‘trans-men or -women’ want is ‘equality’ with women or men, respectively; where this is understood as the license to self-ID as the other sex, recognized and acknowledged as now a member of that class, and thereby enjoy the rights and privileges of that class, whether it involves entering their spaces, participating in their competitions, festivals, or the like. The use of this rhetoric is powerful in a democracy because the public reflexively feels that exclusion per se is bad whatever the justification of the exclusion itself.

As noted in the above quote, the current battleground for the normalisation of the world of sexual deviancy has moved on and is now preoccupied with rights for people who want to believe that they can transform themselves into the opposite sex by way of body manipulation and mutilation, as well as copious amounts of delusion masquerading as imagination. The next stage from this is unknown but the overall trend is moving inexorably towards the sexualisation of children as this latest development has seen many Western countries passing laws that circumvent parents’ rights to decide for their own children, and in fact allowing minors to make decisions regarding mutilation via surgery.

Short form, it’s always been about the kids.

Dover Beach examines the preponderance of liberal democracies to substitute objective analysis for a subjective one when debating matters such as these.

… this is an outcome of liberalism’s nominalist metaphysical background; namely, the rejection of universals in favour of particulars, which meant that the labels (marriage, man/woman) are only names that lack any referent in reality …

What’s missing from this conclusion is an examination of how we got here. God gave us man and woman, and God also gave us the sacrament of marriage. To arrive at this point where one has to study the metaphysical background of liberalism just in order to be able to hold one’s own in a debate over what constitutes a man or a woman means that we have already lost and we are well down the path to perdition.

All of this lunacy, and make no mistake it is crazy as well as evil, is a result of the secularisation of our society. We had to first turn away from God before these things could result. God defines man and woman but with God no longer entering into the picture then the Satanists are free to twist and corrupt the meaning of words so as to make all manner of evil possible.

We destroyed the sanctity of marriage by allowing gay marriage to be recognised by society, and by doing so we betrayed children as marriage is an institution to protect children. It is not an institution for people to shack up together or to massage their feelings. But marriage was already corrupted long before that when we allowed the State to become arbiters of marriage as opposed to the Church.

The only credible way to debate and defeat the sexual deviancy proponents is to debate on God’s terms. Listen to the language used by this individual in order to make the point that the biological sexes can be interchanged.

You do not argue with such falsehoods by attempting to use their language; that is trying to fight the battle on their predetermined ground, and it is Satanic ground. God created man and woman, that is the bare truth and no amount of tortured mutilation of the English language is enough to counter it.

The battle for equality that the so-called trans community seeks is a trap, the same trap used for gay marriage. By allowing their equality then we condone and become a part of their madness, of their lies. Satan is the father of lies and he is enjoying a fruitful time of it. The only way we can stop this in its tracks is by believing in God and citing His truths. Contemplated in that light, is the individual in that clip doing the work of Satan or the work of God?

I suppose that the answer to that question is up to each of us.

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