Fag RAAF Crews Traumatised by Based Chinese Warriors


The best way to prevent the suicide of former ADF personnel is to stop sending our boys to fight wars for Israel:

From the ABC:

The Air Force has revealed Australian pilots and aircrew are offered counselling after they encounter Chinese military jets during patrols over the South China Sea.

Did he show you his wang, Anushka?

Tensions are rising in the strategically important waterway, and the RAAF says it is noticing a trend of more dangerous behaviour by aircraft from the People’s Liberation Army.

“The vast majority of interactions we have with all nations are professional — safe and professional,” RAAF Chief Rob Chipman told the ABC after hosting international counterparts at the Avalon Air Show.

“There has been a trend recently where we’ve seen a more aggressive posture set, when that occurs then we raise those issues, raise those concerns, through diplomatic channels.”

Dear Chinese pilots, please stop making monkey noises over the radio to our pilots of diverse backgrounds.

RAAF Air Commander, Air Vice Marshal Darren Goldie, says his pilots and crews are now routinely debriefed after flying sorties to Australia’s north.

“The mental health of our aviators and people … coming in contact with things like intercepts or challenges on the radio … it’s important that when we bring them back, we talk to them about the experience,” he said.

“And [it’s important] we talk to them about what services are available, should they be troubled by the experiences they saw”.

XYZ News understands that Chinese pilots never ask their Australian counterparts what their pronouns are.

Seriously though.

Australia has forces deployed in two potential warzones. The South China Sea:

And Europe:

From the ABC:

Under the watchful eyes of trained soldiers from across Australia, former Ukrainian taxi drivers, solicitors and tradesmen are learning how to fight a war.

About 70 ADF personnel, mostly from the Northern Territory’s Robertson Barracks, have been in the United Kingdom since January for Operation Kudu — the Australia arm of the UK-led Operation Interflex.

If things light up, we could find ourselves at war with China and Russia respectively.

I’ll say that again.

China and Russia.

Some nuclear weapons of our own would sure be mighty useful right now. Instead we’re enriching traditional cultures by forcing them to embrace drag shows for kids.

Guys around about my age will remember the Cold War. You’ll remember being told in Primary School how we would only get an hour’s warning if a nuclear missile was headed our way, and how they would shut down all the highways so the government could get out of the city but we’d all be toast. All of the fiction we read was about kids trying to survive in a post nuclear apocalypse Aussie future.

Simultaneously, there was overt barracking for the Soviet Union from these people, along with an obsession with dismantling South Africa which they have also conveniently forgotten about. I was taught by one Christian hating commie who actually went to the USSR. She told us a story of how when she didn’t like the look of the meat served at a Soviet restaurant, she asked for something vegetarian so they brought out a big plate of cauliflower.

She only told us this story after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Where are all these people now? We are using literally the same strategy which drew America into the Vietnam War which they also hated so much – namely training their troops. If the war expands beyond the Ukraine, Diggers could be on the front lines within hours.

These boomers are nowhere to be seen now. They’re not freaking out about nuclear war, they’re putting Ukrainian flag filters on their Facebook profiles.

Does anybody remember the massive protest against Gulf War II in Melbourne in 2003?

Where is Peter Garrett now? He hyperventilated all through the 80’s about nuclear weapons. But now as nuclear war with Russia is actually likely, not a peep.

Heaps of my leftie friends went to that protest. They called me a warmonger and they were right. I was completely conned by the neocon line and I supported a war for Israel.

Will any of them admit that they only protested because everybody else was doing it? Will any of them admit that the only consistent principle they hold is that they now support nuclear war with Russia because everybody else is doing it?

They wouldn’t even have heard of Azov’s bid to create a White ethnostate wedged between the globohomo empire to the west and the Russian empire to the east. They insisted that George W Bush had no understanding of the complexities of the Middle East, yet their heads would explode trying to comprehend this one.

Anyway, they wouldn’t dare risk their well payed corporate and government sector jobs speaking out for peace now.

More to the point, now that they hold power and the globohomo West represents poo marriage, racial replacement and child trannies, the prospect of Russian tanks rolling into Paris fills them with dread rather than joy.

What a bunch of hypocritical cunts.

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David has studied history and political science at Melbourne University. His thesis was written on how the utilisation of Missile Defence can help to achieve nuclear disarmament. His interest in history was piqued by playing a flight simulator computer game about the Battle of Britain, and he hopes to one day siphon the earnings from his political writings into funding the greatest prog-rock concept album the world has ever seen.